Z-Girls Game Review,Fight and Win

Z-Girls game review

Hello Guys, welcome back to our website. I will tell you about Z-Girls game review. You know Z-girls is the strategical game similar to Clash of Clans or Clash of Royale. This game focused on how smart are you to survive in the rough world, especially if you’re a newbie in this game or haven’t played this game type like this before. This game offers you something new and with so much feature in it.

But don’t worry, today is a special day. I will give you little tips and tricks to surviving in this game. Do you know why I give you some extra tips and tricks about Z-Girls? It’s because lately, I attracted to play this game, and I know it’s quite hard when you need to figure it out alone. So I come up with this review to help you guys.

Z-Girls Game Review

This game was developed by Star Ring. This is some kind of Battle strategical game, where you need to make your army stronger and overwhelm other people. This game contains unusual content, where you need to make your enabler or commander to fall in love. If you success make them fall in love and you will get awesome buff and you can read the story line too. This game didn’t need any money to spend because they will give you free VIP points and so many items if you follow the quest.

Tips and Tricks To Play This Game

Do you think newbie can’t survive in this game without cheat, hacks, or spending money on this game? Yeah, every game developer really wants you to think like that. So, you will buy gems and spend your money on them.

I have a better idea than buying gems only to enjoy the game. Here’s some tips and tricks about Z-Girls from me to play this game without spending any money. You will get stronger in no time and survive in this game, so you can having fun when playing Z-Girls. This game has a few feature, like an army, steel mines, farm, oil well, and what make this game different is you have a clone lab, infection institute, and laboratory. This game offers you a different experience to feel when you play this game.

You need to fulfill your town need in order to advance your building in your town. The material to build your town increasing according to your building level. In this game, you can choose whether you follow the quest or instruction from the game to build your building, or you want to make your own building according to your own needs. This game have a field full of zombies, and you can use troops to defeat them in order to find some resource and if you are lucky enough you can find diamonds drop from their loots. In the field, you can find a few mine with different usage, If you are lucky enough you can find diamond mine that will give you the diamonds for free if you loot them.

This is all the Z-Girls tips from me, I hope advice from me can help you survive in this game. Don’t forget, there’s nothing impossible in this world especially in the game world. Even if you are a newcomer you can still fight back if you have enough item and bravery. The only thing you need is good strategy and luckiness. See you next time guys.


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