Writing an Article | How To Make a Good and Beneficial Writings

Writing an Article

Writing an article proved to be a major difficulty for some early writers. Indeed yes, it also can be a little tricky for me either as I have writing articles for sometimes in the last couple years. But, is there a true parameter about the good and bad article? Well, of course, there is and today, I want to share with you how to make good and beneficial writing. Let’s learn it all together below.

Friendly Tips In Writing an Article

1. Understanding of Topics

Every person has their own favorite things in mind. And that favorite thing can be the first easy step to write a good article. If you love something, you will definitely learn all about it and eventually, you will get good about that thing you loved. This point of view can be pretty useful for your article writing. If you understand about the topic you want to talk about for example your favorite thing, you will find it easier to start the writing because you have known all the inside-out about the topic you want to discuss.

2. Research

Whether you have already known the topic or you haven’t, it’s better that you took sometimes to do a research about it. A research is pretty important for making a good article because, through that way, we can get even more understanding about what we want to discuss. And by research, we can also learn the updated news about the topic.

3. Target Audience

Before you begin the typing/writing, you need to aim for the target of your audience. You need to have the thinking, whose going to read your article. If your target is children among 5 or 10 years old, you need to write something that is cheerful, something that can make them feel the fun by reading it. Or if your target is high school students or college students, you need to prepare your writing with some facts to support your topic. Use the correct vocabulary for every target audience you aim.

4. Proper Grammar

This is one of the very important aspects you probably have already known. A proper grammar is the one thing that can make an article good or go south all the way. Don’t fill a hole for mistakes to happen because things like grammar are the one that we probably don’t really think of.

5. Trustworthy Sources

If you’re making a historical article, you need facts, dates, time even if you have to. And to get that, you need to look out at some sources. When you have found the sources, you definitely must not forget to put it in your writing to tell your audience where you get the information. The more famous your sources are, the better trust you will get from your audiences.

6. Don’t Beat Around The Bush

If you want to say something, say it straight to the point. Most of the people hate to listen to the crappy nonsense that has nothing to do with the main topic. Don’t annoy your audience by giving them the information that they don’t need or the information that they have already know.


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