Who Is Rammstein? Getting To Know More About This #1 German Industrial Metal Band

Who Is Rammstein

Are you a metal music fan like me? Maybe you’re not metal fans but if you appreciate a musical art, I would like to show you a truly great German industrial metal band, Rammstein. Formed in Germany 1994, with the genre of Neue Deutsche Härte or we can say as Nu metal, popularized by Slipknot. This is the band that really represent all great things about metal music. If you want to know the detail, let’s check it out below.

Who Is Rammstein? Get To Know Them

1. The Personnel

The Personnel

This band consists of six men and they haven’t changed up their lines since it’s first made. The men responsible are Till Lindemann, Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul H. Landers, Oliver ”Ollie” Riedel, Christian “Flake” Lorenz, and Christoph “Doom” Schneider. They are all the same lineup since they made the band in 1994. The great consistency of this band is coming from their respects among each other. They are honoring each member when they had to do another project besides Rammstein.

2. This Is a Band Full of Controversies

Full of Controversies

When you talking about Rammstein, there are three major things that people might know, the strong lyrics, the pyrotechnics, and the controversies. I don’t know why, but this band loves to make some trouble with the law enforcement. One case that they have to spend a night in US prison because of their performance involving a stage act of gay sex scene where Till Lindemann hitting Flake from behind with some adult toys that sprung out some liquid. Not only in the US but back in their homeland, Germany, they also tangled with the law. This time, they are getting into trouble because the video clip of their music uses a clip from the Nazi propaganda.

3. Other Band Sings, But Rammstein Burns!

Rammstein Burns 1
Rammstein Burns 2

Apart from the controversies, this band is famously known for their amazing pyrotechnics style while they are on stage. The lead vocalist, Lindemann once set the stage on fire when the band was just made. They burn some stage set but luckily not causing any casualties. After that incident, Till Lindemann getting his license for doing pyrotechnics and now we can see all the masterpiece that he made every time Rammstein on stage. Whenever this band held their concert, just make sure you’re not on the front row or you will experience a really hot situation.

4. The Lyrics


Although all the songs are mostly written in German, the band also has part of English, Spanish, and much more. Their lyric is mostly about criticism to the western world, especially to the United States of America. They even have one song called Amerika. It’s not a song about how good is America, but instead, this song is depicting how the USA controlling the whole world. Many people also relating Rammstein to the Neo-Nazi. Their lyrics sometimes use Nazi and Hitler as the topics but the band said that had nothing to do with those things.

Well, now you know who is Rammstein is. And you know why they are so popular either among the metal fans or the other music enthusiasts. Apart from their controversies, this band delivers a unique genre for a music. They believe in what they are doing, and that kind of thing needs to be respected.


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