The Way to Get Diamonds for Free, Block Story Glitches!

Block Story Glitches

Do you have enough diamonds to your Block Story game? Today, we are going to discuss Block Story glitches that almost everyone seeks this one. There are many articles discuss this but most of them are not work anymore since the game always has a frequent update.

Talking about the way to get diamonds. Maybe it seems unfamiliar for some players but has you ever meet someone that his characters are unbeatable. You might think he just purchased lots of diamonds from in-app purchase. Surely, most of them do not spend their money but they use a glitch to get free diamonds.

Because of its existence, Block Story glitches become popular. It has been searched from many search engine. That is why we would like to share this exclusively with our loyal reader.

So, what glitch we can implement into our account? Hold on, you have to keep in your mind that you must follow all steps properly. There are many parts that you have to follow which guided properly. What are they? Check them out below.

  1. Close your app because it can bug if you are in the game.
  2. Access Block Story Hack
  3. Read the article carefully
  4. Access their generator
  5. Create a connection
  6. Select the package amount and enter your username
  7. Lets the glitches begin
  8. Check your account.

We do not know how could they do that as it is really unbelievable at the first time because I never trust something like this before as I thought glitch would never exist. However, after using their Block Story glitches. Finally, I can fully recognize that they really exist. It is just about how could we find the real one.

For the conclusion, you have to remember that you must not share this one with the public. If developer caught this one, we may be in trouble as the tool would be disabled by the developer so we could not get free diamonds anymore.


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