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Useful Things You Can Make Out of Bottle

Every time you purchased a drinking water from a store, what you do to the bottle after it? Do you just throw it away or are you the kind of people that make something useful from such trash? If you’re the second type of people that love to make something useful from a trash, then today I want to share with you all the useful things you can make out of a bottle.

Most of us huts throw away bottles after we drink the water in it. But, if we want to get little creative, it can become something valuable and useful for your life. See all the things from the bottle you can make below.

Eight Useful Things From Spared Bottle

1. Pencil Case

Pencil Case

Tell your children from the beginning that reusing spared bottle is something great because it can be used for many purposes such as this pencil case. To make such thing from the bottle is simple. You need a bottle (obviously) and if you can just put in all your pencils and pens inside. Or, if you want to get more creative, you can add zip line to it so you can easily get the pencil in and out.

2. Shower Head


Do you want to take a bath with a shower system but there’s no such thing in your home at the present? Well, if you have a hose and a bottle, you will instantly have shower system. Just plug the hose into your tap and plugged it into the bottle. Make holes at the bottom of the bottle and then voila! You have made yourself a shower. Happy showering.

3. Filter For Aquarium

Aquarium Filter

Now, this is very useful for aquarium hobbyist. Rather than purchasing a filter cartridge, you can make one easy enough with a used bottle. The first thing you need is a water pump and then you stick the bottle into the water pump where it will suck water in. After that, make holes around the bottle so the water can be sucked in. Don’t forget to put the filter media inside the bottle.

4. Plant Pot

Plant Pot

Are you dreaming to have a nice garden but you’re too stingy to spend money on the pot? Well, you can use the bottle as the media for the plant to grow. All you have to do is just put the soil and wait for the plant to grow.

5. Sprinkler

Garden Sprinkler

Got no money for the sprinkler system to water your yard or garden? Well, with a bottle, you can make a sprinkler yourself. Just make holes around the bottle and plugged it into the hose you use for watering your garden and that just it, you got your sprinkler.

6. Chandelier


Every home owners wish is to have a nice fancy chandelier to shine out their house. But the problem is that chandelier is way too expensive. For creative people, a bottle can be turned into a fancy chandelier. Like at the picture above. The chandelier is made out of the bottle, but that’s more than just one bottle lol.

7. Light Bulb

Light Bulb

If you are living in an area where electricity does not yet exist, a simple bottle can be used as a light to shine your home. What you need to do is to put cleaning chemical into the bottle. Then, make a hole on your roof where you will put the bottle on. After that, you can see that the bottle will shine from the reflection of the sun. Nevertheless, this thing only works in a daylight though.


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