Urban House Design, A Great Design To Apply For Your Future Dream House

Urban House Design

When we have the plan to build a house, we have a lot of thoughts in mind about what our house should look like. In the preparation time, we tend to have a thinking about a house which is very beautiful to look from inside and outside. If you live your life in a crowded city but you still want to make your house looks so chic and comfy, I can show you a best urban house design that you can apply to your new home. Or maybe you can apply it to your old house too if you are planning to redesign it.

When I search the Internet about designing a home, I found a particular site roohome. It’s a site where I can see some inspirational designs that I can apply if I’m planning to have a house later in the future. And inside, I’m very interested in the urban design. It makes a house looks so blend in with the urban environment. To see the detail let’s get to know it more below.

Urban House Design That Will Make Your Home Beautiful

1. The Living Room Design

Urban Living Room

I will analyze this home design one by one from each section of the house so it will look neater and we all can understand. And the first I will talking about is the living room. From the picture above we see that the use of brick accent on the wall and metal chair is so reflecting a simple but comfy house in the urban area. And the additional decorations of plants make it feel more a little bit natural.

2. Kitchen Design

Urban Kitchen Design

When we always thought that kitchen must be a dirty and oily place in our section of the house, you may need to change that thought. Why? Because if you can apply the design in the picture above you will feel that you are like in a restaurant. All clean and neat. Still, with the brick accent on the wall and metal chairs, make this design looks compatible and suitable as in the urban landscape. And I really love how they put the hanging lamp to create a perfect lighting.

3. The Bedroom

Urban Bedroom Design

Now, for the most important room of all, a bedroom on the picture above is really designed with heart. It looks so much comfortable and relaxing. With the soft color on the bricked wall and the nicely designed nightstand, creating a neat and comfy room to relax after a hard day at work. The exploit of white color in the bedroom is not too shabby to apply. In fact, white color can give you more relaxation feeling to your mind and hopefully it will help you have a better sleep quality.

So there, a great urban house design which you can apply for your next dream house in the future. From all the design, it probably won’t take out a big budget out of your pocket. It looks very minimalist to me. I myself probably will apply this for my future home with the future wife.


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