Upcoming Superheroes Movies 2018 || Choose Your Favorite One Right Away!

upcoming superheroes movies

Nowadays, the superhero movie really popular. Each month at least we have one hero movie on the theater. Because of the popularity, we decided to make upcoming superheroes movies 2018 which you should watch right away. See the full list below to cure your curiosity.

Pacific Rim Uprising

pacific rim uprising

If you love robot, this one indeed becomes the amazing show for you. This movie is the direct sequel from the first one. That is why you need to watch the first one in order to understand the story. In this movie, Jake Pentecost will train new Jaeger pilots to face a new threat from Kaiju. Even though the robot design is not really good, the action is quite good. As we know, this show will air on February 23, 2018.

Avengers Infinity Wars

avengers infinity wars

Probably this is the one which people waiting for. This film one split into two parts. If it is not, you will waste half your day inside a theater. This film takes place after the Civil War event. A new enemy from another galaxy come to earth. Of course, the earth defender, Avenger need to face this new enemy at all cost. This is the biggest superhero movie ever because it contains many heroes. Guardian of the Galaxy also makes an appearance in this movie.

Transformers Bumblebee

transformer bumblebee

Transformers the Last Knight indeed not a worth show to watch. But it seems Transformers franchise still inject new movie to the public. This one is different from usual one because it is focused on Bumblebee. This yellow robot is the most popular one on the Transformer series. Hopefully, the show worth to watch unlike the previous series.

Deadpool 2

deadpool 2

The funny superhero back again. You watch this show in June 2018. Unfortunately, it is still a mystery why Deadpool costume similar to Spiderman. But it is not a big problem. So, what kind of comedian fight this film will show all the viewers? We do not know yet until the film released.

Final Words

That is all the superheroes film you can watch in 2018. Of course, there are still many of them which we cannot mention to you. But the list above is the greatest one you need to watch immediately when its release. Before we say goodbye to you, see the best Marvel movies. If you still want to ask something related to this topic, write down in the comment section below. We will answer you right away.


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