Tweaking a Smartphone, A Great Tips To Increase The Performance of Your Device

Tweaking a Smartphone

When you bought your first smartphone, you might think that your device will last long right? But the fact turns out to be shockingly different. Just within 6 months, your smartphone started to the broken inside. What I mean by broken inside is that the performance in your device is getting slower and slower. If you want to keep the performance if your device good, I have some tips to show you about tweaking a smartphone.

I have my smartphone for over 2 years now and it still works beautifully same as the first time I bought it. The key to making your device keep up the smooth performance exists on your own habit of using it. So, below I will show you all the tips to keep your smartphone running fast.

Tips To Tweaking a Smartphone


Before I give you the tips, I want to explain that tweaking is something means as upgrading or maintaining the performance if your smartphone.

1. Always Clean The App Tray

I know that almost all of us demand a fast multitasking system in our phone. To make your device still run smoothly and without a problem, you need to clean the app tray everytime you did with some apps. To clean the app tray, most of the smartphone today use the home button to clean it up. If you see the multitasking tray and there’s a clean button on it, click it, and it will clean all the running app.

2. Always Do A Reboot

I did this tips once every 12 hours. Even though that a smartphone could stay up for as long as we want, but as I observe, the longer the phone stay up the more processing power it takes. And by that I mean it will slow down your smartphone. So, to keep the performance running good and smooth, reboot it so the device can be refreshed.

3. Clear Cached Data

When you running certain apps on your smartphone and done with it, the app still running in the background. And because the app is still running, it creates cached data along the time. And by the time you know it, the cached data can stock up to 1GB. A one-gigabyte cached data is something that bottlenecks the performance of your device. So, to keep your smartphone smooth, clear it on the settings menu.

4. Delete Some Files

The storage system on your smartphone determines the performance of phone itself. If you have some big files from your work, videos, or pictures you better move all of that or you can delete all of it. The emptier space, the better the performance.

5. Using a Script (Advanced Users)

This tips only for that rooted device and the experienced users. Using a script can sometimes very beneficial to your smartphone. The function of the script is to give a special command to the processing unit inside your device to do something that your basic setting couldn’t do. The general facts about the smartphone are that the developer didn’t unleash all the capability of your device. They cap it to the normal level because there’s a good reason behind it. The reason is that to prevent your device from getting overheated and bricked.

Bricked is something that we know when a phone is dead and couldn’t start again. This could be caused by the use of wrong scripts to a device. So, if you want to use a script to your phone, do it at your own risk. But all I can say, if you do it right, your smartphone can unleash all the great capability.


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