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top living room design

Hello guys? How are you today? As for us, we really happy about something. Do you want to know what makes us happy today? Because we find a top website which provides a great information about the home design. For your information, it is not easy to find the best home design website. That is why on this occasion, we will share you about it. The top living room design in Roohome website which we found is really awesome. If you want to remodel your living room this is the great chance.

Small Living Room Design

small living room design

The first one is the small living room design. Not all people have a big house. Probably small living room is enough for them. From the picture above, the furniture fits perfectly in the room even though the small space available. As for the floor, it usesĀ a wooden accent. The wall uses a simple white color to support the wooden accent. There is also a miniature on the cabinet. Of course, it is only an optional you want to add it or not.

Luxury Living Room Design

luxury living room design

The next one we have a luxury living room. You can see clearly as sky which make this one become luxurious. The first one is the two statue near the wall. It is not like a living room anymore. We can say for sure you feel like live in a castle. The second is the ceiling light which ready to shine your day at the night. Below the sofa, you can also see a carpet. The designer did really well to show the luxurious feel in the room.

Gorgeous Living Room Design

gorgeous living room design

What makes this living room looks gorgeous without a doubt is the flower painting on the wall. Can you imagine if you have a room like that? It will really beautiful to see. For the furniture, it uses a large sofa which really comfortable when you watch TV. The table uses a wooden material which has a roller attach on the below. So, you just need to push it if you want to move it around. Do not forget the unique ceiling light to make the room shine.


That is the top three living room design which we found on that website. What do you think of it? We are sure you can understand the beautifulness of the design, right? If you need more information about your home, just visit it immediately. You will not forget the amazingness.


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