Top 6 Horror Movie Cliches, All The Things We Hate/Love In Horror Movies

Horror Movie Cliches

Do you like a horror movie? Of course, we like it but also scared of it. But what we did not notice is that scary movie has similarity to each other. In fact, the director still used the same horror movie cliches every time a horror movie made. So, what are those cliches that make us so scared but also feel bored? Let’s find out all of them on the list below.

Top List of Horror Movie Cliches

1. Tripping


Oh yeah, this one is really annoying for us movie lovers. The victim in horror movies is always tripping over nothing. This always happened to the women actors, especially the blonde girl one. I don’t why and don’t know how, but they still tripped when they were chased by the killer. What’s really annoying is that they are tripped over nothing!

2. Scream Instead of Run


When the killer is in front of your face, the best thing you need to do is run! Run for your life is the best choice rather than just standing there and screaming all over the room. These horror movie cliches are always used over and over again but still, we have to watch it.

3. Let’s Split Up

Split Up

Yeah, it will be a good idea if we split up while we’re being hunted by the vicious killer who runs after our blood. That is probably what the director had in mind when they create a horror movie. In the tension of the horror, the protagonist is sometimes making the stupidest decision ever, and that decision is to split up. What a movie!

4. Black Guy Dies First

Black Guy Die First

A movie about 3 men and 2 women, but one man is black, we have probably known who will die first right? Yeap, the black guy will be the first blood of the killer. I don’t know how or what the intention of the director did this but I hope it’s now because of racial things. All lives do matter!

5. Silence


Mmhhh…. The movie starts to go silence for a few seconds, this cliche means that some scary jump scares is about to surprise you to death. This is what the director always did in their scary movie. The play of the sound effects could really make a difference in horror movie settings.

6. The Killer Always Walks Faster

They Walk Faster

Yep, no matter who you are, no matter how fast you RUN, the killer will WALK faster than you could ever be. Run, hide, it won’t make any difference because the killer will always be in front of your poor face? Maybe in Horror Movie, the actor can’t do anything just lie there and wait to die.

So, those are the common 6 horror movie cliches that we always encountered when we watch a thrilling horror motion pictures. What is your opinion about all of that? Should all of them still on the movie or we need a new change? Or, I haven’t put all the cliches that you think should be included. Tell what you feel in the comments below.


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