Top 5 Video Games Genres || Find out The Awesome One!

top 5 video games genres

Hey guys, are you a hardcore gamer? If so, what is the game genre you love to play? As we know, there are many video games genre. But, there are some of them only who acknowledged by gamers. That is why we give you a list of the top 5 video games genres. Do you want to know which are the best? Read our article until the end.

games genres

RPG (Role Playing Game)

RPG indeed become the number one genre on the list. We are sure everyone agreed with us. Why we choose this one to become the best because we like this genre very much. Especially, the renowned RPG like Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mass Effects. What makes everyone enjoy this one because you can build and customize your own character. Equip your favorite weapon and hunt down the enemy. Not only that but also there are some gamers who played the RPG genre because of the storyline. Also, we can see many developers focus on RPG genre rather than another one.

Open World

We do not know open world is a genre of game. We think this one only a feature in a game will let you adventure freely around the huge map. That is enough for the chit-chat. Now, we do not need to tell you why this one become the best. Do you ever imagine to begin your real adventure without map limitation in a game? If so, the open world is the best genre. One of the best examples is GTA V, the map is really huge, you can enjoy all your day in this game. Another one, we have Zelda Breath of the Wild, this is the first Zelda which offers an open world map.


In the third place, we have FPS genre. For people who love a war which use a gun as a primary weapon, FPS is best one for you. Of course, FPS not only a game which uses a gun but a long time ago if people heard about FPS they will think it is a shooting game. So, it is already become a habit up until now. The enjoyment of this genre it is like you play directly in the game because of the first person point view. Also, you need to have a quick reflex in order to avoid another NPC.


For people who angry at someone, you must play a fighting game. Imagine the character you face in a game is the person you hate the most. Punch, kick, and unleash a special move to erase your anger. A long time ago, this genre has a bad influence on a child because they will imitate the pose of the character in the game and use it against a real person. The memorable game in this genre is Tekken. Who does not know this one?

Action Adventure

Actually, this one similar to RPG game. What makes this one different because there is no character level and you do not see a panel command to order your character. You can move freely and attack the enemy directly. The most awesome game in this genre without a doubt is God of War. Also, you cannot forget Assassin Creed which gains much popularity after the first released.


That is the best genres which you can try. Do you find your favorite one? If the answer is yes, let us discuss in the comment section the reason why you like it very much!


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