Tips Playing The Division, A Well Guides For Newcomers Of The Game

Tips Playing The Division

New York has been ravaged by a virus called the Green Poison, and the society falling apart. A team called The Division is rise to preserve what’s left of the society. That’s the story about Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s a great game to play, but for rookies and the newbies of this game, they will have a hard time at the first time. So today, I will share with you, my personal tips playing The Division. This tips could be suited for someone or not for the rest. This is strictly from my own opinion. So keep scrolling down below.

Every game that we all play is force us to become a rookie for the first time, and that’s normal. Do we need to start at somewhere right? And in this game, a sharing of information could be very useful for the newcomers. Today, I will show you some of The Division beginner guides. I will show you three of my own tips.

Tips Playing The Division For Newcomers

Get To Know All The Features of The Game

Learn The Features

This tips I think, is the most important thing in every game, not just this one. Before you play any games, you need to learn every feature that the game has. Like The Division game here that has a lot of features that you need to take a look and learn briefly. First that you need to look for is the key mapping. You need to know what button does this do, what’s that and what’s this. It’s very awkward when you jump straight into the game without knowing every function of the button right? Then, adjust your sensitivity that suits your play style. It’s important because everyone has their own preferences in this matter. So, I say that you need to know all the features that this game has before you jump into the real gameplay.

2. Focus on What You Want To Become

Focus What You Will Become

Do you want to be the tank or the support? If you want to be the tank that suppresses the enemies and deal a lot of damage, then you need to focus on your DPS stats. When you first started playing this game, you need to determine what you want to become. Find all the right weapons, armors, and gears that suit your character building. If you want yo be the support that helps your teammates focus on your Toughness and Skill Power that rely on the technology stats. Decide which styles you prefer to and focus on the building and you can make your character a great one.

3. Play Smart And Wise

Play Smart And Wise

The Division is not a game like any other shooter games. It’s basically an RPG game. You can’t do one shot one kill on an enemy. These enemies have levels of difficulty, the higher they are, the harder they are to be killed. At first, you find it surprised that you need a dozen of the bullet to take down a single enemy. But then you must realize that it all depends on your level, character building, and your weaponry. All of that will have a great impact on your gameplay. If you did it right, you can mow down a flock of enemies easily, but if it’s done wrong, don’t get mad if you always keep dying in the game. So, play smart, this game requires a lot of tactical approaches to kill the enemies. Like I said, this game is different from the mainstream shooter games.


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