Tips on How To Be Happy In This World Full of Dissapointments

How To Be Happy

The sole purpose of every human who lives in this world is to be happy. No matter who you are, bad guys or good guys, men or women, rich or poor, we all aim towards happiness in this world. But the question is, how to be happy actually? Is it something that you can read in an instruction step by step? The answer for that may vary depending on some circumstances. Today, I will do my best to give suggestions for all of us on how to be cheerful in this life full of disappointments. Let’s take the time to see the list below.

How To Be Happy In Todays World Full of Disappointments

Tips To Be Happy Person

1. Breathe Slowly

The first thing we need to do start our happiness is to breathe slowly and normally. Breathing means gives oxygen inside your body and especially to your brain. When your brain had enough oxygen, it can give the signal to all body parts to have relaxed. Is a relaxation closely related to happiness right? That’s for the starts.

2. Don’t Take Too Much Caffeine

Coffee, it’s something that we all probably like to drink. We all know what’s inside coffee, it’s caffeine and we also know what is the effect if we took that substance too much. Too much caffeine can make you filled with anxiety. Anxiety leads to insecurity and that’s bad for your steps towards happiness. So that’s why you need to start lowering your daily caffeine dosage.

3. Money Talks

Some people said money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy the things you like such as foods, cars, vacation, and those things are the ingredients to achieve your happiness. This proofing that money does everything to make you happy. What do you need to get money? Of course, by having a job.

4. Do What You Please

You have the money and you have the time. Now, the thing you can do to make yourself happy is to do whatever the things you can make yourself happy as long as it won’t disturb others’ happiness. Doing all the things you like is surely a great way to make ourselves cheers.

5. Day Dreaming

When you’re doing nothing in your spare time, you can give yourself sometimes to day dreaming. It’s a great and free way to achieve your cheerful thoughts. Imagine yourself as a rich people or some adventurer who’s on an adventure to discover some treasure. Daydreaming is free, everyone can do it and you’re safe on your own mind. Plus, you can get a little happiness doing it.

6. Sleep Well

Having a good night sleep is one of the important keys on how to be happy in this life. Your happiness starts from the quality if your sleep. If you have enough sleep time, your brain can work normally with high spirit. But if your sleep time is not normal, then your brain will response in its own ugly way.

So, those are my six tips on how to be happy living this life. Try to apply some of the tips above if you are looking for some cheers in your life. Nobody in this world wants their life to be miserable the whole time. We all have the same purpose of searching some happiness.


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