Tips For Taking Care of Goldfish In an Aquarium Tank

Tips For Taking Care of Goldfish

If there’s one myth that is clearly wrong is the myth of how easy it’s to pet a goldfish. Goldfish is the kind of fish that is so beautiful and elegant to look. Their unique body shape and the beauty of its fin and tail, making it the best choice for fish keepers whether they amateur or pro. But one thing that everyone got wrong is taking care of goldfish in an aquarium is considered difficult enough. Some said that goldfish is easy and hardy enough to live in a glass bowl aquarium. Well, that saying is totally wrong.

Today, I want to share with you about the tips for taking care of goldfish in an aquarium tank. I want to share this to people who already have goldfish and to the people who may want to pet one in the future time. I want to share some critical things regarding how to have your fish happy to live in your tank. So, let’s get on to it below.

5 Helpful Tips For Taking Care of Goldfish In Your Aquarium

Goldfish Tips

1. Large Swimming Area

As I have already told you before, keeping a goldfish in a bowl is definitely not a good idea. An aquarium bowl is small and only store little amount of water, while your goldfish is a fish that can grow very large in fast time. Due to the fast growth, eventually, your fish won’t have enough room to swim inside the bowl. Another reason why it’s such a bad idea is that a glass bowl only makes a small surface area. This means little is for your fish to breathe air. Lack of air could suffocate the goldfish and eventually kill it.

2. Fish Mates

From what I see and read through many sources, goldfish is a social fish. This means that your fish need another goldfish so it doesn’t easily get stressed. I recommend you to have at least two or four goldfish in a large tank so they can be happy.

3. Filter

From all my tips, I always emphasize on the use of the filter. It’s the very important equipment because it’s concern the quality of the water in your tank. Fish produce waste and waste will result in high concentration of ammonia. If this ammonia gets to a critical level, it can irritate your goldfish and make it look dull, sick, and eventually died. So, never forget a filter in your goldfish aquarium.

4. Oxygen

There are lots of debate whether goldfish require air pump or not. The answer for that would depend on the surface movement in your aquarium water. The more movement in the water surface, the better oxygen it contains so you don’t need an air pump. If your tank doesn’t provide enough movement, then it’s a must to have an air pump and an air stone to create a bubble of air.

5. Feeding

Goldfish is the kind of fish with a large appetite for food. Every food you’re dumped to your fish will be eaten instantly. I know that you probably love to see your fish eating. But, one thing to keep in mind is that don’t overfeed your fish. It will have dangerous effect in the future. One bad result will be the big amount of waste products in your water tank.


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