Tips For Low Spec Gaming | A Way To Survive Modern Gaming

Tips for Low Spec Gaming

We all know that the wheel of gaming evolution will always be turning around. And in that turning, your 5 years old computer will be obsolete for the modern gaming experience. For those people who have a big budget for their gaming, this is not a significant problem. But for the rest of us who got low on budget, it’s a serious problem. We want to keep playing all the modern game but at the same time, our PC couldn’t handle that anymore. So, what’s the solution for this peculiar trouble? Well, don’t need to feel left behind, because there are few tips for low spec gaming out there that you can try to apply to the latest modern games.

With some little tweak from my tips that I’m about to tell you soon, you will still be able to play some of the latest great releases. Although that I need to remind you that the quality of the graphics can’t be the same as in a high-spec computer. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the tips to play modern games on a crappy computer.

5 Great Tips For Low Spec Gaming

Low Spec Gaming Tips

1. Updating Graphics Driver

This first tip is pretty essential if you want to play any newly released games. If you own Nvidia or ATI Radeon graphics card, they will always have an update for the particular games. Just hope that your driver’s series is still getting the update, otherwise, you can’t do anything about it.

2. Disable Shadow

Shadow, it’s the graphic aspect that really took some huge amount in the graphics card processing unit. If you own a super gaming PC, you will have the best realistic graphics ever. But if your computer is potato, set the shadow to low, or if it possible set it off and you will get a boost in the frame rate.

3. Draw Distance

If you love to play adventure games or open world games, you need to know that your graphic card is the one that responsible for rendering all the far away objects like trees, mountain, or enemies from afar. The modern graphic card doesn’t have any struggle to do this, but for the old ones, the struggle is real. It’s the reason why the game lags as hell. What you need to do is to decrease the draw distance as much as possible. Open-world games should have the settings to lower the amount of draw distance.

4. Rendered Scale

If your game has the setting that can set the amount of rendered scale, congratulations, you can play the game with ease. All you had to do is to set the scale as small as possible, this is usually 50%. The rendering scale is a graphic aspect that can determine how sharp the rendered image will be. The sharper and smoother the image, the slower your GPU can handle. So, to play your game in playable frame rate, scale it down and your game can run smoothly with the little blurry graphics for the sacrifice.

5. Resolution Screen

This tweak is also pretty important to determine how smooth your game will be. The resolution scale depends on how big is your screen resolution. If the native resolution of your screen is 1336×768, that is the default resolution. In the in-game setting, you can try to lower it down up to 800×600. The smaller you set the resolution, the better frame rate you will get. And again, your gameplay will get little blurry and small as the sacrifices.


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