Things To Do In The Weekend, Some Suggestions For You

Things To Do In The Weekend

When it comes to the weekend, we all know what to do right? Of course, we do. We all try to have fun and relax as long as we can. But, some of us, don’t know what to do. If you don’t know things to do in the weekend, I have some good suggestions for you. My suggestions might benefit some of you in different ways. And again, it’s my suggestions you know, so you may find them really opposite from you.

Good Things To Do In The Weekend

1. Go Fishing


This activity may be the preferences of some type of people. But if you want to try something new to do on your holiday, this could be your new options. Fishing is a great way to spend some boring time. We can get out of the house and breath the fresh air in the lake, river, or beach. Reel in those fish!

2. Hunting Legal Animals


This is the activity that I wish I could do in my weekend. I love shooting and love hunting, that activity can make you feel like a real man! Load your rifle, clean those chamber, and prepare a spot for your kill. This activity could be more fun if you do it together with some friends.

3. Swimming


Want to spend your weekend with getting wet and cool? Then swimming is the right option for you people. I myself swim once in a month at least. This is the only workout activity I love because this won’t make you sweat at all. And another benefit is that you can gain more height to your body.

4. Photography Hunting

Photography Hunting

For you the lover of sightseeing, this could be the best activity you can do in your weekend. If you have a high-resolution camera and a telescopic lens, you are ready to take some of the beautiful landscape that mother nature offers to us. So this activity in a group so you can share tips and share your pictures together.

5. Redecorate Your Room


Tired of your room design but too busy to redecorate it? The weekend is the perfect time for you to do that. Search for the best room design on the internet, prepare all the necessities and begin redecorating. To make thing earlier and lighter, call in some friends for help moving some objects in your room.

6. Clean Up!

Clean Up

If you don’t want to redecorate your room, at least do this activity to make sure your room stay neat and clean. Watch out for those pesky roaches in a dirty room. A neat and clean room means healthy, and healthy room means comfortable to relax in. So, clean up your room at least twice a month.

So, that’s all the alternatives activity you can do in a weekend. Some of the activity is easy to do and you don’t need to spend money to do that. Well, it’s all up to you how you want to spend your holiday. See you next time for more nice information. This is Kim, signing off.



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