The Worst War Crimes Ever Happen In History | From World War 1 Till Date

The Worst War Crimes In The History of Mankind

War is already something bad. But there’s a kind of worse thing than war, and it is the war crimes. We live in a world with rules. What happens if the rule is not obeyed? A full-on chaos and violence. If we didn’t obey the rule, we are just simply behaving like animals. Are we the same thing as animals? Of course, we’re not, but why in the interpretation of the rule, sometimes we are always breaking it?

Even in an armed conflict, there’s still a rule to be obeyed. Breaking it would mean that you just conducting an atrocity of war. It’s an act worst than a behavior of an animal. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of this kind of atrocity in the history of war. Today, I want to share with you about the horror of war and the evil people taking part in it. I want to share this with you so we can open our eyes that war wouldn’t make any difference. It’s just making things worse than before.

Some of The List of The Worst War Crimes In Human History

1. The Rape of Belgium | World War 1

The Rape of Belgium

During the first great war, the German conducting serious crimes upon the people of Belgium. German were deliberately invading and attacking Belgium, which known it’s a neutral country. The German forces conduct a horrifying action to the people of Belgium like torturing, raping, killing, burning houses, and etc. Before the war begins, a treaty has declared that Belgium is a neutral country but yet the German forces still attack it under the authority of Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, the Chancellor.

2. The Use of Poison Gas In WWI

Poison Gas In WWI

The use of notorious mustard gas in the first world war is generally known among the soldiers. For those who don’t have a filtered mask are surely suffer to death because of inhaled gas. On the other hand, the 1899 Hague Declaration has strongly said that the use of poison gas is prohibited. But then again, human tends to break the rule of its own.

3. Invasion of Poland, WWII

Invasion of Poland

Before the catastrophic event of world war 2 happens, the Nazis are attacking Poland in the first September 1939. While invading the county, the Nazi did what they always know best, killing all the civilian including women and children. This event sparks the worldwide armed conflict.

4. Le Paradis Massacre, WWII

Le Paradis Massacre

This event happened when the Nazi elite SS group commandeered by Hauptsturmführer Fritz Knöchlein confronting the Royal Norfolk Regiment who got isolated from the rest of their team in a village of Le Paradis. The conflict ended up of the Royal Norfolk soldiers running out of ammo and surrendered to the SS armies. Upon their surrender, the SS decided to line them up in a wall and machine-gunned all the ninety-seven soldiers.

5. The Nazi T-4 Euthanasia Program, WWII

The Nazi T-4 Euthanasia Program

The Nazi is just a perfect figure for a monster in this world. In this event, they had executed all the incurably ill, mentally, and physically disabled people. This event keeps going on until the end of the war by the attack on the Allied forces.

6. Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War

This is the recent horror war event that happened in the middle east country named Syria. It was a beautiful and loving country until the oppressive government had pushed the people too hard and creating a catastrophic civil war that ravaged the city. There are a plethora of evidence suggesting that maybe both the government and the rebel are conducting war crimes along the way. Like the recent news of chemical missile attack that the government launches to the group of civilians that kill numerous people along the way.

So there, all the horror facts in the history of the war in our world. Would still believe that there would be a peace in this world where there are savage people butchering one another? Well, deep in my heart, I still believe that there would be a solid peace in this world. All we have to do is just show it to the world that peace is much more beautiful than war. Nevertheless, some men just want to watch the world burns.


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