The Use of Drone, The Good and The Bad About It

The Use of Drone

The era of the unmanned vehicle is getting more and more advanced. We now have seen many vehicles no longer require a person to drive it such as an autonomous car, train, and plane. We often heard that an unmanned plane is called a drone. The world of the drone is getting bigger today. We have seen a drone from the big ones, to the smallest one that looks like a fly. The evolution never stops and the use of drone is also getting various. From good to bad things can be done by drone. To see what drone can do, see them all below.

The Use of Drone, The Good and The Bad

The Good

1. Photography


The existence of drone has made a breakthrough among photographers. Now, they can take pictures or film without heights limitation. A long time ago, we can never take pictures from particular heights because it will require some technical work. But now, with the help of drones, we can reach any heights we wish and capture a more beautiful landscape from above.

2. Environment Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

Imagine yourself as a scientist working in the cold continent of Antarctica and you have to do observation in a blizzard. The weather is unsuitable for manned helicopter surveillance, what would you do? The answer is to deploy a drone. Deploying drone will have a huge benefit in this kind of situation, but the best benefit is that you can decrease the risk of casualties. Drone is easy to deploy and you don’t risk someone’s life because it’s an unmanned plane.

3. Product Delivery

Delivering Stuff

This is an example of the extraordinary benefit of drone. There’s a concept where a man will use a drone to deliver a package. The company who wants to apply this concept is Amazon. Of course, this could be amazing if they can apply it correctly. People now can receive their package within hours they order a stuff.

The Bad

1. Taking Down Airplane

Taking Down Airplane

We have seen it today on many news channels that the existence of drone creates a threat for manned aerial vehicles. A single drone could make the sky traffic go haywire. Why? It’s because if a drone gets sucked into a turbine of the airplane, it can rip off the plane’s engine and set it on fire, endanger Passengers onboard.

2. Bombing Run

Drone Bombing

The fact about drone is that it was built mainly for the military. The military often used a drone to attack or spying on enemies. Drone is an effective way to assault enemies deep in their territory but the thing is, when a drone is doing a bomb run, it can create collateral damage among civilians. Civilians sometimes could catch up in the bombing run, and it creates a horrifying result.

So, those are some of the good and the bad things about the use of a drone. This little piece of machinery is truly a breakthrough in human history some of us use it for a good cause, others see something different. But the use of it is now in question whether is it bring more good or harm.


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