The Superhero Movies That Is Not All About Being Super

Superhero Movies

What is the thing that we really love about superhero movies? Is it their tight spandex costumes? Is it their handsome/beautiful charisma if their faces? Or is it their super power? Well, if you love all those things, then you follow up with mainstream ideas of superhero. But there are movies about superheroes that don’t really reflecting about the superiority that they have. This kind of movie really lean to the deep feeling of being superhero itself. Do you want to know what are those kind of anti-hero movies? Let’s find out below.

Four Superhero Movies That Is Not All About Superpower

1. Hancock (2008)

Hancock 1
Hancock 2

Starring Will Smith as the main character in the movie, he really reflecting the other side of superhero. The mainstream thought about heroes is that they are wearing capes, tight costumes, and always do good things for others. But not in Hancock, it’s a movie when a superhero fell on a hard time, drinking liquors and do the justice by his own way no matter the consequences. Will Smith totally acted out in this movie. He really depict the reality to us about superhero sometimes do feel down. And from the downed feeling, the hero can do better from time to time.

2. The Incredible (2004)

The Incredibles 1
The Incredibles 2

The Incredible is one of the best animated superhero movie ever made. It tells how the superhero lives their life as ordinary people. The movie showed us that a family consist of all superhero didn’t always come in handy. They always have a hard time to get familiarize with the ordinary people’s life. This movie tells us that a hero does need a life like any other people have.

3. The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight 1
The Dark Knight 2

This is the best Batman movie of all time. Not only because of the performance from Heath Ledger as Joker, but the acting of Christian Bale as Batman is really outstanding. Bale really went all out playing Batman. He is not really showing all the superpower Batman has, but he is having the struggle to maintain his solid principle not to kill criminals. The Dark Knight presenting is that to be a hero, you can’t just execute all the villains and not thinking the consequences. If you kill a murderer, the number of murderers in the world stays the same.

4. Kick Ass (2010)

Kick-Ass 1

“The comic book had it wrong – you don’t need a super power to be a hero”.

That is one of the famous quotes from the movie. And those words carry the truth. You don’t need a superpower ability to be a hero, a hero could emerge from everyday people. Kick-Ass really taught us that even if that you don’t have any super power, you still can fight for justice and do good things for others.

So, those are all four Superhero Movies that is not all about being super. A hero is something exist inside all of us. It’s just the matter of will if you are want to let it out or not. This is Kim, see you next time for more interesting information.


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