The Saddest Movies Ever | Let’s Prepare to Cry!!!

the saddest movies

Have you ever watch a sad movie? Of course, you have. This kind of movie will not only serves a good story but also will make us cry. Many people love to watch a sad movie because of many reasons. But, not all of sad movie has a really good story and not all of it can make us cry. Here, we have five sad movies that will make you cry for sure.



Let us start with the movie that just released last year entitled Lion. This biographical film is based on the true story about a little kid from India named Saroo who separated from his family for a long time and tries to find his way back home. This movie is really sad because we can see his struggle to find his family after missing for more than twenty years. This is one of the best sad movies that you should watch.

Grave of the Fireflies

grave of the fireflies

This Japanese cartoon film or usually known as Anime tells the story of a pair of brothers named Seita and Setsuko in the world war II. The part that will make us cry is when they have to move into an abandoned shelter where they run out of rice to eat. Seita is forced to steal the food from local farmers and the things get worse by the fact that his sister is sick because of malnutrition. The saddest part is when Setsuko diesĀ when his brother wants to give her the food. Then, a few weeks later Seita follow his sister as he dies with the same sickness.

Lion King

lion king

Lion King is one of the best and saddest cartoons that we have ever seen. The story of a lion named Simba taught us the feeling of loss and abandoned. We should admit that the saddest moment of this movie is when the little Simba lost his father who dies in order to save him from a large herd of wildebeest. Then, we convinced by Scar that it is all his fault and tell him to flee from the kingdom. It is a really good cartoon that can make us cry.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


This sad movie does not tell the story of the love of two people or whatever it is. It tells the true story of a dog who waits for his beloved master that never comes back. Since adopted by a man named Professor Parker Wilson, Hachi never forgets to accompany his master on his way to the train station and he waits for him there in the afternoon to pick his master up. But, one day his master passed away because of sickness and Hachi feels so sad about it. Although his master is no longer in this world, he always comes to the train station every day and waits for his master to come until Hachi meets his own death.



The movie that is starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet can be said as the saddest movie ever. It tells the two couple from a different world where Jack Dawson is a penniless artist and Rose Dewitt Bukater is a first class passenger that will hold her marriage soon. Their love story is really saddening and it starts from the event when the Titanic crashing into an iceberg which ultimately killed many lives. The moment that will make us cry with no stopping is when Jack is drowned to the deep of the sea because he is freezing to death. What a sad love story?


Five movies above are the saddest movies based on our version. We choose those movies above because we think that they are worth to be called as the saddest ones. We really hope that our article today could help you in order to choose a sad movie that you are going to watch. But, remember to prepare a lot of tissues before that.


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