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The Most Famous Weapons In The Gaming Universe

The gaming world is now dominated with the game about shooting people in the face. Since the last century or the very beginning of gaming world, shooting games always dominate the market. But the thing that makes shooter games famous us the list of their weapons gallery. From time to time, we have seen some of the most famous weapons in the world of gaming like Dessert Eagle, UZI, AK-47, and much more. Today, let’s talk about all the best weapons we have seen the performance in many games. Check out the list below.

The Most Famous Weapons In The Gaming Universe

1. AK-47


This Russian-made weapon is a must-have in gaming action. Whatever your shooter games are, AK-47 is always there to accompany you in shooting all the faceless goons. Easy and reliable guns in gaming.

2. M16


If you play FPS games about America, an M16 is the gun you will always find. It’s a standard issue for the US military personnel and it’s also the standard issue in FPS games or any other shooter games.

3. G36


The other good weapon besides the notorious AK is the G36. It has everything you need, a good accuracy, large capacity of rounds, and decent recoil. All in all, this gun is the perfect option to score a nice headshot.

4. AWP Sniper Rifle

AWP Sniper Rifle

If we’re talking about headshot in gaming, there’s no better gun to use other than the famous AWP. You mostly recognize it from Counter Strike game right? This weapon is all about accuracy and a great deal of damage to the enemies. But the downside is only the low fire rate.

5. RPG-7


If you need to blow up stuff or you can’t shoot straightly, then all you need is an RPG-7. It’s a pure explosive weaponry to blast off your enemies in a single fire. The downside of this weapon in the gaming world is that you only carry a few rounds of it.

6. UZI


Actually, this gun is made famous thanks to Chuck Norris. He always carries one of this weapon whenever he about to do action scenes. But that’s in the movie universe, how about in the gaming one? Well, to be honest, this gun is a good one but the problem is that the ammo clip is so tiny. With one click of fire, the mag is straight empty.

7. M249 Light Machine Gun

M249 Light Machine Gun

When you definitely want to go all out in Rambo style, you definitely need this badass gun to accompany you. With the deep amount of ammo and pretty good fire rate, making this weapon the perfect one for the job. But beware, this firearm is famous for its huge recoil and slow reload time.

So, those are all the most famous weapons in the world of gaming. We all have probably used that weapons in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, ARMA, and much more that I couldn’t say it all. But, those weapons are the reflection of how deadly they are in the real world and the real war. Treat guns with respect because it’s an instrument which can take man’s life.


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