The Best War Games Ever Made In History

Best War Games

War is something terrible. It’s something that shows how cruel humankind can be. That’s the reality of war in a real war, but in the gaming world, the crueler the war, the better the game will be. Today, I want to give you some recommendations for the best war games ever made in the history of action gaming. I know that there are thousands of games that showing actions in war. But only a few games that really worth the mention here. So, to see all the most brutal war game, check out the list below.

4 Best War Games Ever!

4. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Even though that BF1 is not the first war game that showing the WW1, but I think the developer did a really good job on this one. Battlefield 1 really good in showing all the horror of the first world war. In the campaign story, the player will play as random soldiers on the war and if you die, you will respawn as different soldiers with different names. This game is so realistic, there are lots of things taken from the world war 1 references like the tank, planes, and the notorious chlorine gas that took many lives of soldiers. With great graphics, Battlefield 1 really showing the violence of the first world war in ultra high definition graphics.

3. Spec Ops The Line

Spec Ops The Line

When talking about the best story in war games, one game that must be mention is Spec Ops The Line. It tells how war changes man, turn him mad and killing innocent people. SOTL is the game that will twist your mind with its amazing story about Dubai in the aftermath of a horrific sandstorm. A group of US soldiers is sent to evacuate all the soldiers left in the city. But the truth is that the group should never enter the city of Dubai and supposed to go when they had the chance.

2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Before Call of Duty turning into a star wars game, this game has released the best one. And the best one is the COD Modern Warfare. In Modern Warfare series, you will play as soldiers that must defend the USA from the global terrorist group. One thing that people love from this game is how badass Captain Price and Soap MacTavish are.

1. Wolfenstein


There’s no better game out there with the theme of Nazi than Wolfenstein. It’s an amazing game from Bethesda that the first series was released decades ago. Wolfenstein is the best depiction of what would happen if the Nazi win the war and dominate the world. In the latest Wolfenstein game called The New Colossus, you will still play as BJ Blazkowicz, a man that aims to bring freedom from the occupation of the Nazi empire. With gameplay full of action, blood, and gore, Wolfenstein is truly best action war game ever made in our history.

So, those are all some of the best war games that I can recommend to you. I’ve been playing a lot of war games but only four of them that I think to deserve the place as the best ones ever created in this decades. If you have different opinions, I would gladly hear it if you’re leaving your comments below.


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