The Best Simple Games on Android and iOS | Simple and Addicting Games

The Best Simple Games

The video game is the media where we can have fun and unleash our stress. Games are supposed to be simple and pretty easy to play so we don’t have stress out because of the game. Today, I wanna show you some of the best simple games available for Android and iOS platform. I know that some of the gamers want something challenging, but the rest of us want something that simple and easy to play too. So, check out the list of the simplest game below.

Five Best Simple and Easy Games on Android and iOS

1. One More Line

One More Line

OML is the game of simplicity. Your job is only to connect your line from the start as long as you can. It’s an endless game, it depends on your skill of focus when you connect your line through the obstacles. The obstacles here is a circle and you must connect the line with the circle so it can continue to keep going and going. This game is a great choice for you who loves addicting games.

2. Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block

This game is simple but still, need your brain to be played. Snake VS Block is an endless game where you will play as a snake that must collect points. Each point on the game will have numbers on it. That numbers will become the length of your snake. But that’s not it. There will be lots of blocks to challenge you. The blocks will also have numbers on it and you must hit the block with the smallest numbers depending on how much your score is. It’s simple yet so mathematically.

3. Thumb Drift

Thumb Drift

Most racing games are requiring two hands to be played, aren’t they? But not Thumb Drift though. This game will only require one of your thumbs to be played. Drift all the way on the track with your thumb as long as you can. The control will be slippy and you must have balance in your thumb. With addicting gameplay and simple graphics making this game worth a try.

4. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Many people know what this game is about. It’s simple yet people sometimes rage quit because of this game. Geometry Dash is a rhythmic game where you play as a square that must keep jumping through all the obstacles. The key to play this game is to memorize the layouts and following the music in the game so it helps you to memorize.

5. Stack


Do you know the tower stack game you used to play on Java platform a long time ago? Well, Stack is the game that is similar. It’s simple, all you have to is just put the stack in the correct position and stack it up as high as you can. Perfect timing to drop the stack is the most important tip for this game.

So, those are all the list of the simple but addicting games. Games are supposed to be simple and fun, not too complex and need hard thinking. Games like those above are the ones that really make us lose our tense.


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