The Best Self-Protection Things You Need To Know To Protect You In The World Full of Crimes

The Best Self-Protection

We are living in a world with a strong dividend among each. And in that gap, there’s always crimes crawling to taking you down whether you’re a man or woman. Sometimes this world is just too harsh to live on. But, did you just give up to the world that easy? Of course, you don’t right? In this world full of dog eat dog, you are obliged to know what kind of defensive action when you encounter crimes on a daily basis. And today, let’s talking about the best self-protection matters to defend you from the crimes lurking in the city or villages.

Whether you live in a big city or small and quite village, there’s always chances for a crime to happen. Each of it can be dealt with numerous ways depends on what is your capability. Take a look at the list to self-defense below.

The Best Self-protection Tools To Deal With Crime

1. Tasers


This kind of Protection measure could be very useful for women. A taser is an electroshock weapon designed to disable, not to kill a criminal that is about to do something bad. A taser is a very important thing for a woman because in a city full of crime like rape, pickpocket, robbery, etc. This little shocking weapon can be used by a woman to electrocute any perp that is about to do something bad. The police enforcement also uses this to neutralize the suspect without harming he/she.

2. Martial Arts

Martial Arts

If you are inspired by Bruce Lee and Ip Man so you learn martial arts to protect yourself, you just took a great decision in your life. Learning martial arts is another great way for you to deal with the epidemic cancerous crime lurking in the alley. When some bad guys are about to attack you or rob you, you can kick their ass and they will fall to their knees begging mercy to you.

3. Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

It’s not electrocuting or deadly, but it’s a piece of self-defense weapon that will spray pepper that can hurt the eye of someone who will wrong you. It’s a simple and inexpensive thing that you should carry every time you go out in the city. All you need to do is spray it on the face of the perp and they will blind temporarily, and that is the time either you run away or hit them with something to knock them down.

4. Firearms


It’s undeniable anymore that firearms are the best self-defense measure you can find. Purchasing any firearm like pistol or shotgun is proved to be very effective to stop a crime along the way. If you are living in a small village that police service is miles away, guns are something that you should really have in your house.

So, those are the 4 best self-protection matters you need to know. Owning one of them would be a great benefit for you. Sometimes, this world is not as kind as you imagine. People will turn on each other in the time of desperation. A self-protection is not just to save you, it can also to save your loved ones.


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