The Best RTS Games For Mobile That Is Recommended To Play

The Best RTS Games For Mobile

With dozens of the genre in games, gamers have lots of choices to play in today’s modern gaming world. One of the preferable genres is the RTS. It’s the genre which needs cunning strategies to dominate the gameplay. What are the best RTS games for mobile? To answer that, let’s take a look at all the list of the games below.

The list I have made below is based on my own view. I have played a lot of RTS games and each of them has their own uniqueness. You won’t find the same experience from each strategy games. So, to know all the best games, see the list below.

4 of The Best RTS Games For Mobile Platform

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

It’s no doubt that CoC is the best strategy game ever made in mankind history. This game has been downloaded by millions of people from around the world. The game never stops to evolve. Each month, the game is updated with new interesting contents. All the updates are to make sure that the title of greatest strategy game will still on Clash of Clans forever.

With all the great features like creating your own clan and declare war to another clan, no wonder this game still holding the title. So, because of this, I put CoC as the number one on the list because this game deserves it.

2. Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Released by the same developer as CoC, Boom Beach is also a worldwide phenomenal game. The game uses a similar formula as CoC but this game uses the theme of world war 2. The gameplay is all about invading your enemy’s base from the beach and straight to their Headquarter. Lots of actions and lots of booms will happen in Boom Beach. And this game also downloaded by millions of gamer.

3. Narcos


If you got some bad blood in you, there’s a game where you can build your own criminal kingdom. Narcos, it’s the game where you can realizing your wildest dream to become a drug dealer king. Build your empire of narcos, distribute your illegal substances as wide as you can and earn the big profit. Fun fact, this game is based on TV serials with the same title as Narcos. Live your life like the way you want.

4. Battle For The Galaxy

Battle For The Galaxy

If you want to play RTS game similar to Starcraft in a mobile platform, you should try Battle For The Galaxy. It’s the strategy game about war in far away galaxies. Proof yourself as the greatest player in the galaxy. Dominate all your foes. You can easily dominate others with the help of Battle For The Galaxy hack tool. With such tool, it can help you getting Crystals so you can fasten up your progression. Faster progress means faster total galaxy domination.

So, those are all four of the best RTS games you should try if you are fans of strategy game. All the games I have shown you above are just some of the game that I know. If your favorite game isn’t the list, you can give your comment below.


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