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The Best Post-Apocalyptic RPG Games

In the eyes of gamers, a devastated apocalyptic world can be a fun place to live in. Many people are afraid of that kind of thing but not the gamers. But we all know that such thing is almost impossible to happen in the near future. We can still enjoy a dystopian world in RPG games. Speaking of such thing, if you are fans of games that tell the world is already end, I have the recommendation of the best Post-apocalyptic RPG Games ever.

This kind of genre has a special place among its fans. People love this because when the world is already ended, it feels like more freedom to the people. No government, no police, and no rules whatsoever. That’s the game what gamers most like. To see what games represent that thing, let’s see them all below.

The Best Post-apocalyptic RPG Games

1. Metro Series


Metro Gameplay

If you like an FPS game and horror apocalyptic world, then Metro is the game for you. This game has several series like Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The story of this game is about a devastated Moscow because of nuclear war. The people who survive the nuclear must now live beneath the street, along with the metro subway system in Moscow. Your job is to stay survive, looking for supplies on the surface. But to do that, you need to be extra careful because you will never know what kind of abomination monsters hide in every corner of Moscow.

2. Fallout

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 Gameplay

Ahhh, if you’re talking about the Post-apocalyptic game, you can’t forget about Fallout. It’s the mother of all apocalyptic games. Since its first games decades ago, this game gives people a new view of what happened when the world collapsed because of nuclear war. We might think that the world is the end and everyone died. But no, in this game we can see that people stay survive in their own way. Fallout has released many series and the latest Fallout 4 is a global hit to the game industry. A huge open-world game where you can do anything you ever want. There’s a storyline inside but gamers don’t really care.

3. Mad Max

Mad Max
Mad Max Gameplay

When other apocalyptic games show all the misery of the surviving people, then you will have a different experience with Mad Max. In this game, you can enjoy the devastated world in a V8 engine. Yes, if you all know the movie Mad Max you know that it’s a story of how the world is destroyed by war but yet the people have gone crazy out of each other. They love cars in this game. That is the source of fun. You can wander around the wasteland in your car and murder all the crazy people in your path. After all, no one’s know who is crazier, Max or any other people.

So, those are the best Post-apocalyptic RPG games that I have ever known in my gaming experience. All those really representing that even if the world is destroyed by conflict, life will still find its way to survive and thrive.


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