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Hello gamers, how are you, I hope that we all live long and prosper. Today, I’m going to share with you, my personal review about the best PC racing games ever.

We all know that racing games are evolving every year. They have improved in such many ways. From the graphics and the gameplay contents. All of the evolution is arrive at satisfied the unsatisfiable gamers. The racing games we see and play now is the result of the evolution itself. Each game has their own good side and down side. And it’s all very dependent on the gamers’ preferences. What I’m about to share with you, is the review of racing games which purely based on my own opinion. Let’s see them all below.

The Best PC Racing Games

1. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

I put each game I want to review not based on the number of the most favorite, but it’s only just a coincidence. So, I would just share with you all the greatness of each game here. And the first one that we’re about to talk about is Assetto Corsa. This one is (in my opinion) a racing game that can be considered equal as Grand Turismo series on a console platform. It has features almost the same with GT. The graphics are so awesome and the gameplay contents will immerse you for hours and hours of playing.

2. Need For Speed

Need For Speed

This one racing game series has been around since the 90s if I’m not mistaken. It features a lot of street racing style, although some of the titles feature a legal circuit racing games. I’m not talking about a specific title of NFS here because there is just too many titles in the series, so I just talk about the general view of the games.

The one game I like most of NFS series is the Most Wanted. There’s so much adrenaline rushing if you play Need For Speed Most Wanted. But the best thing about the NFS street racing series is the use of NoS. There are no other legal circuit racing games use NoS right now. So, this game still kick-ass till date.

3. The Crew

The Crew

Do you love a wild street racing game? Then, you will live this game. The Crew features a lot of game content to do and an amazing multiplayer game mode. The new series of this game is titled The Crew Wild Run. features a whole lot more experience of this racing world. Lots of new vehicles that really wild! And explore the all new terrain to uncover new lands to race in. The main features of this game are the multiplayer, you can meet a lot of players while you were roaming in the city or in the wilderness. And the graphics in this game is a top notch one!

So, those are all racing games that are the best based on my own. I love all of them, but my most favorite are the Need For Speed Most Wanted because it gives me adrenaline boost when playing it. That’s all from me today, see you tomorrow guys.


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