The Best Online FPS Games, According To My Opinion

Best Online FPS Games

Are you an online gamer? Or do you want to become one but you don’t know what is the best online fps games nowadays? Well, here I want to share you my opinions about which game is the best online games but I only show you about an FPS games only today. I’ve been playing many FPS games in my life and many games have left me immersed and enjoyed the experience the game offers

Well, if it comes to online shooting games, I can show you hundreds of games. I will not talk about the bad things of the games, I just want to show you the fun of the game. Today I will only show the games that I have been played which I think that is the best games around. Alright, I will make a list below for a best FPS online games based on my own opinions.

The Best Online FPS Games

1. Titanfall Titanfall Gameplay

I’ve been playing Titanfall for many hours that I lost count, and I said that this game is a blockbuster! Brace yourself for 5 minutes of fast-paced shooting games in a planet outside the earth. The combinations of a soldier and a 10ft steel robot is making this game a really great game to play. With tons of great free map, you will have many hours of fun with this game

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division 

Well, this game is the one that I will consider as unique online shooting games. Why? Because it is a combination of shooting games and an RPG element style. Don’t be surprised if you shoot the enemy until you are running bullet but the enemy won’t die. It is because this game uses RPG style where you must build and stack up your damage with good weapons. Feel the action of war in apocalyptic-style of New York that has been devastated by a horrifying dollar-flu

3. Killing Floor 2 

I’ve never been played the first Killing Floor but I played the second one. And I can say that this game is packed with extreme fun. Shooting the Zed in the face has never been this much fun before. Shoot all the zed with lots of crazy-whacky weapons. You can co-op with other players or you can have versus with them in a player vs zed mode where one team play as the human and the other one play as the zed. All in all these FPS online games is a bombastic game to play.

Well, that’s all I can say to you today. Don’t be angry if your favorite games are not on the list, because I only tell you the game that I already play. I hope you try one of the games that I tell you here and hope to see some of you in the game. And if you find me as Jarhead in one of those games, I hope we can play together. And stay tuned with to look for amazing information about the game or anything else from me. This is Kim, signing off.


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