The Best New Games For Mobile Platform You Must Try

The Best New Games For Mobile Platform

Are you bored with all the games on the Play Store? Well, I have great news to show you. In this year, there are some best new games have been released. See all the newly released games for mobile platform below. There are 5 of the best games that I really recommend to you, see the list below.

5 Best New Games On Mobile Platform

1. Iron Blade

Iron Blade

Gameloft really showing its teeth this year. The developer has released many great games and Iron Blade is one of them. Iron Blade is an action RPG game. You play as Jacques, a Templar that must fight the dark forces that about to consume the world. What makes this game deserves the number one is because of the top notch graphics and gameplay. Gameloft, as usual, always making a game with console quality graphics. When I start the game, I couldn’t believe I play such game on a mobile phone. Of course, it is not fair to judge a game based on the graphics only, Iron Blade has one of the best and addicting gameplay. It’s fast-paced action. You will be surrounded by enemies and you need to kill them all with fearsome skills you can do.

I don’t want to spoil all the fun in the game. I want you to download the game now and start your journey to defeat the evil. Just prepare your phone storage because this game requires almost 2gb for the installation.

2. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth

If you are the type of gamers that love games about survival, then Last Day on Earth is a must play the game for you. It’s a game where you must survive in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You need to build yourself a shelter, you need to eat, and you need to keep an eye on other players. Yes, if you ask is this a multiplayer game, this is it. That’s why I said you need to keep an eye on others because they can steal all the things you have collected. If you love challenge, survival, and zombies this is the perfect game for you.

3. Asphalt Street Storm

Asphalt Street Storm

Another great new game from Gameloft. If you are a fan of the racing game Asphalt series, you will have a new experience with this one. Asphalt Street Storm is multiplayer drag racing game. This is the first drag racing game based on Asphalt and the first one for Gameloft. What makes this game unique is that you can race with 4 players at the same time and in real time! You have probably know that drag racing game usually 1v1 but not here. Prepare yourself for the greatest competitive drag racing ever.

4. Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans

If you crave for the next Gangstar series from Gameloft, this new one is must try. With great graphics, great gameplay, and a new storyline, this game ready to rock you up. Dive into the most detailed open world game ever made. Gameloft never fails to satisfy the gamers with its games.

5. Injustice 2

Injustice 2

If you love seeing heroes and villain from DC universe fighting, then you must try the new Injustice 2. It’s a new fighting game same as on the console and PC version. The game will offer you a great fighting between heroes and villain. See Batman head on with Joker or if you want the legendary fight, see Batman fighting Superman. As usual, this fighting game will be 3v3 and with the same gameplay mechanics as Mortal Kombat X mobile.

So, those are 5 of the best new games that you must try if you are bored with your old games. This year will be awesome with all those games.


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