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Best Moments In Spongebob

For the 90s generations, there are lots of great cartoon shows but nothing beats the awesomeness of Spongebob SquarePants. This square yellow creature with square pants almost never fails to make us laugh back then in the 90s. SpongeBob cartoon still running until today, buy it seems like the fun is getting lesser. I don’t know about this but maybe because it’s the changing generations I suppose. Nevertheless, we had some great times in the old episodes. Today, I want to show you some of the best moments in SpongeBob episodes a long time ago. So, here they go!

Top Ten Best Funniest Spongebob Moments

1. Victory Screech (The Algae’s Always Greener)

This is the episode where Plankton uses his device to switch his life with Mr. Krab. Plankton plays as the owner of Krusty Krab and Mr.Krab plays as the owner of Chum Bucket.

The victory screech is an annoying yell when the whole people in Krusty Krab celebrating victory after failing Mr.Krab stealing the Krabby Patty from the restaurant.

2. Wumbo (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV)

The classic nonsense from Patrick is endless. In this episode, Spongebob possesses the powerful belt of Mermaid Man which can shrink down people. He accidentally shrinks many people and went to Patrick for advice how to get all the people back to normal and Patrick said you must rotate the M in the belt into W for Wumbo (jumbo). But, Patrick was clueless of what it is and he also getting shrunk because of the Belt.

3. We’re Not Cavemen (Wet Painters)

Mr.Krab just ordered Patrick and SpongeBob to paint all the wall inside his home. But he warned them that there must be no paint drop anywhere in Mr.Krabs knick-knacks. The funny thing happened when SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally cover up Mr.Krabs’ first dollar with the white paint. They do everything they can to wipe up the paint but it’s no use. And then Patrick said, we’re not cavemen, we have the technology. But, Patrick just smashed the computer into the money.

4. Don’t Drop ‘Em (Gary Takes a Bath)

It’s been a whole week and SpongeBob decided to give Garry a bath. He uses everything he could to take Gary to the bathroom, and SpongeBob makes a dirty joke when he said about the soap in the bathtub. SpongeBob said, “Don’t drop ’em”. For those who don’t know, this is a dirty sexjail joke.

5. I’m The Lizard King (Idiot Box)

Spongebob and Patric have just purchased a big screen TV but they decided to throw it away and play in the box of the TV. When Squidward saw and heard what happened inside the box when they play with their imagination, Patrick said a nonsense thing “I’m The King!” While imagining climbing up a snowy mountain.

6. Deuueaugh! (Something Smells)

It’s Sunday, SpongeBob decides to make ice cream of his own. Instead of making an ice cream, he creates an abomination food that makes his smells really bad. People got away from him and Patrick told him that the reason people run away because he is ugly. And this is the funny moment when they go to the theater, SpongeBob disgusted a man by his breath. The man yelling deuueaugh! It has become a meme that we have seen today.

7. This Is Patrick (Big Pink Loser)

Patrick’s stupidity is unparalleled. When he works at Krusty Krab behind the cash register, he answered a phone where people usually asking “is this Krusty Krab?” to make an order, Patrick just replied, “No, this is Patrick!”

8. Push It Somewhere Else! (Sandy, SpongeBob, and The Worm)

When a giant monster worm terrorizes Bikini Bottom, Patric has the brightest/dumbest idea of all. He said that “We must take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!” This line is so hilarious that no one there could think off.

9. Chocolate Guy (Chocolate With Nuts)

Spongebob and Patrick have a dream to becomes a billionaire one day. And, they decided to start it by selling chocolate bar door to door. When he first approach a guy’s home, they guy just gone nuts and screaming chocolate! Over and over again. Eventually, this crazy guy purchased all the chocolate product from SpongeBob and Patrick, and both of them got rich instantly.

10. The Life Outside (Doing Time)

When Ms.Puff got in jail because of SpongeBob’s driving accident, he and Patrick planned to get his driving instructor out of the prison. But, when they ask her to get out, Ms.Puff has enjoyed life in prison. And then, SpongeBob said that Ms.Puff has forgotten all the happiness living on the outside of prison (a sarcastic video of the life outside played).


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