The Best MMO Games That You Should Try | All The Paid and Free Games

The best mmo games

Some gamers prefer to play the single-player game but there are others that prefer they can meet and compete with others in a competitive multiplayer match. The MMO game is the perfect one for gamers that love fighting others in a fair match. Through the last decades, we have seen so many games that allow you to compete against other people from all around the world. What are the best MMO games recently? See all the list below to find out.

4 of The Best MMO Games For PC

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

I think it’s a mistake if I don’t put WoW as the number one in this list. This game is a truly worldwide hit. Almost all gamers around the world have joined in and explore the world of Azeroth. The player can explore fully solo or you can create a party and fight monsters together. With the game that has the biggest non-procedurally-generated map, you won’t even have the time to explore every inch of the game map. But most of all, the storyline in WoW is great. It really entertains the players with all the conflict between human, orc, elf, and the undead.

2. Smite


If you love multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game but you don’t have money to buy the game, then this is the best for you. Smite is a free-to-play game which you can play on PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This game has various game modes but the most players are the conquest. It’s a game mode with 5v5 and three lanes MOBA map. What makes this game unique is that you play the game with a third-person view as similar to WoW rather than DOTA. You can choose a variety of gods from various cultures as your character.

3. EVE Online

EVE Online

If you bored with MMO games that are always fighting with swords and magic, then you need to try EVE Online. It’s a game about space exploration, making a career as whatever you want to be. You can be a miner and mine the asteroids around you with your ship, or maybe you can be a pirate which you will always ambush the unwary player. This game is also free to play but you will have limited access to the game. If you want the full access, you can purchase the game with cash. So this is a great alternative if you bored with all the magic and swords. A space battle like no other awaits you in EVE Online.

4. Wizard101


I have shown you the alternative MMO games like EVE Online, but this one is also another alternative if you like the funny online game. As its title said, Wizard101 is a game about how to be a wizard. You can meet compete with other wizards to test your magic skills. Or if you prefer to avoid violence, you can create a party together and explore the dungeon and kill monsters together. It’s all about style in this game. Customize your wizard with all the unique stuff and don’t forget about your mounts. Choose the best mounts that suit your style and show it off to other wizards. But to be the best wizard in the game, you need lots Crowns. It’s the currency for the in-game purchase system. I advise you use some generator which can offer you Wizard101 Crowns hack generator so you can get rich fast.

So, all those four are some of the best MMO games you can try. World of Warcraft maybe an expensive game for you, but you can try out the rest because it’s free to play. There’s no better game than a free game am I right?


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