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the best marvel movies

Marvel is one of the biggest names in the entertainment world nowadays. There are a lot of superhero-themed movies that they have made so far. Most of their movies are really popular because the stories that they have created are very exciting to watch. And for that reason, we will tell you some of the best Marvel movies to date. On the list below, we have five movies that we consider as the best ones so far.



One of the best movies from Marvel is Spiderman. The superhero which can pull out a web from both of his hands has a really interesting story to watch on all of his movies. Although there are three different versions of Spiderman up until now such as Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, and Spiderman Homecoming, the stories never disappoint the audiences.

Captain America

captain america


Next, we have Captain America on this list. Of course, every people love him because he is really strong and he can get rid all of his enemies with his abilities and awesome shield. We add this movie to the list not only because of his superpower but also because we like the background story of Captain America before he really became a superhero. And when he became a superhero, he became really amazing.

Iron Man

iron man


Iron Man is a superhero which combines both of his intelligent and strength to become a superpower. We can see a lot of amazing weapons come out from his suits and it is used to banish all of his enemies. The story ideas of the Iron Man movies are really great and can attract so many audiences to watch it. So, it is right if we include this movie to the list of the best Marvel movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy

It is no longer the era of a working alone superhero, it is the time for a teamwork. That is what we will see when we watch this one. We say this as one of the best because of the stories are about the outer space. Star-Lord and his friends stand together to protect the Galaxy from danger. With a lot of exciting actions inside the story makes this movie deserves to be called as one of Marvel’s best movie.



Avengers can be said as the best one so far and we are sure that no one can deny it. It is because the superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and much more are united in this movie and they will fight the evil together by combining their powers. So, Avengers is really really deserved to get the credit.


The five movies above are the best ones from Marvel to date. So, do you have the same thought as us? If you have a different opinion, you can tell us now and share it here! And do not forget to check out also our other articles about the saddest movies ever and the best animation movies ever!


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