The Best Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants

The Best Episodes of SpongeBob

We all know the funny cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants, aren’t we? Of course, almost everyone on this planet knows this absorbing yellow creature. This cartoon show has successfully entertained us for many years since it first aired in 1995 with the episodes of Help Wanted. Now, today, I will discuss this interesting information today about the best episodes of SpongeBob. I know that SpongeBob has dozens of episodes from the beginning until today. But some if them, in my opinion, deserves an award as the best episodes ever. So, if you want to know which the best episodes, keep scrolling down below.

The Best Episodes of Spongebob

1. Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Obviously, this one deserves to be the number one in my list. Why? Because of this id the first episode of SpongeBob ever. This episode tells us when SpongeBob try to apply for a job as a cook in the famous restaurant The Krusty Krab. The scene gets hilarious when mr.Krabs ordered SpongeBob to look for a spatula with additional weird technology in it. At the end, SpongeBob got the job as a cook in that Krabby Patty restaurant.

2. Ripped Pants

Ripped Pants

SpongeBob’s shenanigans are backfired at him when he tried to make everyone laugh with his jokes. It all fails and everyone starts laughing at him because his pants are ripped. But then, SpongeBob exploits his ripped pants as the way to make everyone laugh. And eventually, this attempt is also a huge fail. In the end, SpongeBob sings about being yourself and not to do a silly thing with your life. This is one of the best episodes from me because it tells so much good value for children.

3. Club SpongeBob

Club SpongeBob

We all know this episode because of the famous magic conch right? This tells a hilarious story when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were stranded in a jungle. They are trapped with nothing but a plastic toy called magic conch which SpongeBob and Patrick believe it can make everything come true. But this thing even makes Squidward angrier than ever. In the end, SpongeBob and Patrick got some food because hoping from the plastic toy and Squidward got nothing because he doesn’t believe in the magic conch. This so hilarious to me.

4. Wormy


Nobody knows that a cute little butterfly can make chaos in the town Bikini Bottom, and that is exactly what happened in this episode. At the beginning of the story, Sandy ordered SpongeBob and Patrick to babysit her pets including a little worm. They have a very good time together until a little problem arise. When SpongeBob and Patrick left for the night, the worm turned into a butterfly. When the butterfly got loose from Sandy’s Dome, it creates chaos in the city. The idea in this episode deserves a spot in my best list because a cute butterfly can wreak havoc in a big city.

5. Idiot Box

Idiot Box

This episode is legendary. It’s the root of many memes on the internet. This silly episode tells a story when Spongebob purchases a big television but then he and Patrick trashed the TV. While they’re doing that, Squidward watches they ridiculously playing inside the box. Squidward is getting curious when they are having fun inside the box and then, he decides to sneak in after the night to try the box for himself. But, unlucky for Squidward, the box is being picked by a garbage truck and he was dumped in the city dump.


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