The Best Episodes of My Little Pony, My Own Choices

The Best Episodes of My Little Pony

Who’s here don’t like MLP show? I think no one will raise a hand for that kind of question right? Everyone loves this pony show. They are cute and cuddly. But more than that, they tell an amazing story. And for months after I first watch this cartoon show, I have my choice of the best episodes of My Little Pony. So today, I want to share this with you guys. If you’re fans of MLP, keep reading this.

My little pony is cartoon show that showing 6 main female ponies horse that lived in Ponyville on the Equestria Kingdom. The main story of My Little Pony show is about the friendship between the 6 main female character, which those are; Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack.

The Best Episodes of My Little Pony

1. Dragonshy


In these episodes, the story is about a dragon that is taking a nap on a mountain but the snores of the dragon creating a huge black smoke that covers the entire Ponyville where the six ponies lived. The queen of Equestria Kingdom has ordered them to solve this problem and the six ponies going on to the mountain where the dragon took a nap. Among them, the scardiest pony is Fluttershy who was very scared of the big dragon but nevertheless, she keeps going on the mission. When the six ponies had arrived at the peak of the mountain, they creating a plan to persuade the dragon to leave the mountain and leave Ponyville.

The plan A is that twilight supposed enter the cave with Fluttershy where the dragon was but Fluttershy was too afraid to go in so she backed down and wait outside while twilight entering the cave alone to persuade the dragon but the plan failed and then every ponies do their best to persuade the dragon, when all plans were failed, rainbow dash enter the cave and kick the dragon and enraging the dragon so the dragon attack those ponies making them powerless and dizzy. In the meantime, Fluttershy can’t stand seeing her friends hurt, so she persuades the dragon by yelling at the dragon and make the dragon cry and then moved to another place outside Ponyville.

2. Putting Your Hoofs Down

Putting Your Hoofs Down

This is another choice of the best MLP episode in my opinion. In this episode, we have the rare scene of Fluttershy being a completely different person. The story is about Fluttershy attending a self-help seminar from a Minotaur named Iron Will to make her change her attitude from a doormat into a feisty girl. The seminar did help Fluttershy but in the long term, it changed her into an evil pony who always yelling to others.

And because of his attitude, Fluttershy accidentally hurt Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Feeling guilty and all, Fluttershy lock herself up in her cottage to prevent her from hurting other ponies. Eventually, Iron Will approach her to collect the fee for the seminar but Fluttershy refuse to pay because she didn’t satisfied with the result. Seeing Fluttershy’s attitude, Iron Will let her go without pay the fee of the seminar. And then, Fluttershy back together with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

So there, two of the best episodes of My Little Pony Show. That’s just my opinion though. By the way, I choose those episodes because it mainly tell about Fluttershy and she is my favorite character in the snow.


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