The Best Endgame Stories, Beautiful Moments That You Won’t Forget

The Best Endgame Stories

For single-player campaign gamers, we crave to find games which have a memorable ending that lasts forever. In today’s gaming, we seldom find a game with a decent story and the ending made us like “meh…”. But if we take a look at some of the old games back in the day, we can feel the best endgame stories ever created. That’s what I want to share with you guys today. I will share all the best game ending. All the games that I’m about to review are purely from my own experiences playing it till the end. So, if you want to know what are those games that have the best ending, keep scrolling down below.

3 of The Best Endgame Stories Ever

1. GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

From all the series of GTA franchises, San Andreas has the best story ever. The story is full of action and drama till the end. Beginning with the character named Carl Johnson who just got back to his hometown after his mother died, Carl realizes that something changed. He saw that all his neighborhood is heading towards chaos because of turf wars. So, to make things right, Carl embarks on a quest to find out and fix his family. But at the end, Carl was really surprised that it is Big Smoke and Ryder whose behind of all the chaos. All the actions and the drama leads to very memorable moments and you realize that it’s a story of a game. What a beautiful ending!

2. Bioshock


Well, in this game, there are two alternate endings that can happen to the players. The endings could be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ending. The good ending is that after all, you save the little sisters and not a single one you killed, you will get out of Rapture with the little sisters in a submarine. You and all the little sisters managed to get out of the city and live happily ever after until you, the character in the game, died because of aged.

On the other hand, if you kill a lot of the little sisters to collect the Adams out of them, you will experience the bad ending where all the splicers will come to the surface and create havoc along the way. When I play this game, I prefer the good ending because it has a beautiful drama and that is what makes this is so great for the ending.

3. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005

NFS Most Wanted 2005

For the gamers who played this game, we all know that Razor Callahan is the douchebag in the game. He is the most annoying character because he is the one that took your sweet BMW M3 at the beginning of the race. And to get that sweet ride back, we have to go through all the kinds of racing challenge. Taking down all the 15 Rivals are not an easy job, for players, it has so much emotional feeling taking all them down. And when we face Razor again as the number one in the Rivals list, we have the chance to get back the BMW M3 in our hands. One of the most memorable moments in this game is where you outrun Cross with bridge jumping scene, that is what makes NFS Most Wanted so great.


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