The Best Educational Programs on National Geographic Channel

The Best Educational Programs on National Geographic Channel

Finding a good TV program is so hard nowadays. All the show on TV is mostly about the drug, sex, and violence. Those such things are a bad influence for kids underage. But luckily, there’s one channel that can be a reliable one in this crazy days and that is National Geographic. It’s the channel where you can learn many educational things from wildlife, politics, religion and outer space.

Whenever you want to watch something beneficial and useful, you can only rely on National Geographic channel. It’s the channel that can expand your knowledge into the new frontier that you haven’t know before. What are the best educational programs on National Geographic? Take a look at the list below.

5 of The Best Educational Programs on National Geographic Channel

1. Science of Stupid

Science of Stupid

If you’re asking students about learning science in school, most of them will say it’s really boring. But if you take a look at Science of Stupid, you will learn science like you have never seen before. Through this show, you can learn physics with fun. The program will show you the funny clip of people making mistakes in their activities, and Science of Stupid will analyze where they make the mistake and what’s supposed to do if you want to do it right. The show will talk much about angular momentum, inertia, Newton’s laws of physics, and much more in a fun way.

2. Inside


Before you see this show on Nat Geo, there’s a warning that said this program can contain graphic image and viewers discretion is advised. There’s a good reason for that warning though. Inside is a documentary show about the revelation of the criminal world. Nat Geo is going deep to uncover the truth of the dark world of crimes.

3. Breakthrough


Breakthrough is a show where some experts along with some big celebrities uncovering the extraordinary concepts for the future. All the experts have the concepts to change the way we live in this world. Some of the invention that is being developed is the cure of the most dangerous disease HIV. In Breakthrough, you will see the scientists are working hard to make an invention that can change this world forever.

4. Destination Wild

Destination Wild

If you live animals and scenery, there’s no better program than Destination Wild. You can see some of the most exotic animals on the planet in the most beautiful scenery on Earth ever recorded. For this program, Nat Geo will go all around the world to show you that there is still beauty on Earth and we have to maintain this beauty by not destroying it for a reason like resources.

5. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

Cosmos A Space Time Odyssey

Host by the famous Astrophysics Niel Degrasse Tyson, he will show you everything you need to know regarding the humankind and the universe. If you want to know about the outer space, Tyson is the best person you can ask for. In this show, he will entertain you with fascinating information about our universe, our existence, and much more.


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