The Best Clicker Games on Android and iOS Ever Made

Best Clicker Games

Searching games for something to play on your mobile phone are now so confusing. Why? Because there are thousands of choices on the Play Store. Lots of genres and each of them offering you different kind of gameplay. Well, I would recommend you something to play is the clicker game. The Play Store and App Store offer you so much of that kind of genre. But, which is the best to play? So, today I want to show you the best clicker games on Android and iOS that you really must try.

This genre would be a great alternative for you who got bored with all the action, strategy, and racing games. So, if you want to see all the games, take a look at the list below.

6 of The Best Clicker Games Ever on Android and iOS

1. Tap Titans

Tap Titans

I think Tap Titans is the pioneer of clicker games on the mobile platform. This is the first game that offers the tapping gameplay. Your objective is to kill all the titans that threats the world. You play as the warrior and you must keep tapping the screen to kill the Titans. As you keep progressing, you can have aid from another fellow warrior. When a boss comes up at the end of the round, you must be ready to keep tapping like crazy because the boss is so strong.

2. Egg Inc

Egg Inc

Wanna know what it feels like to be an egg farmer and get rich? Well, you need to try Egg Inc because it’s the game that will give you the experience of running your own egg farm. Build all the necessary facility to improve your farm, research things to make your chicken grow eggs faster and better, and most important, you need to keep tapping to let the chicken out. Keep tapping to let the chicken out to the farm and there they will produce eggs then you sell all of them with good price. This game will give you the experience of getting rich for selling eggs.

3. Vlogger Go Viral

Vlogger Go Viral

While Egg Inc is a game about farming chicken eggs, this game will offer you experience becoming a famous YouTuber. Vlogger Go Viral is a game where you start your YouTube career and make tons of money out of it. You start as poor and unknown YouTuber, but as you keep playing and tapping, you will make lots money, fame, and finally becoming viral all around the world. Live your dream to become famous YouTuber with this game!

4. Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker

One button click will destroy the world, sounds so tempting, isn’t it? Well, if you really want to destroy the world with one push of a button, then this game is for you. Doomsday Clicker is a clicker game where you destroying the world above while the rest of human hunkering down in your vault. You get rich by charging the human survivors for living in your vault. Do I have already said that you can destroy the world again and again? Well, you can do that mate.

5. Bitcoin Billionaire

Do you know Bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency on the internet? Well, there’s a game about becoming a Bitcoin miner and that is this game. You play as a nerd on a computer and start to mine some of the Bitcoin. You keep tapping to get rich and you can invest your Bitcoin with all the stuff like comic books, lottery, and other investment stuff. But I know what will make this game even more fun. Use Bitcoin Billionaire Hack Tool and you will get the best experience and you will get rich in no time.


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