Six Life Goals We Want To Achieve In Lives


When were you just a child, ever thinking to be someone big? Someone who has everything they want in this world? Now, as we’re adults, our minds often tells us that it’s impossible to achieve all the dream we had once we were a child. But then again, never give up on your dream, because the dream is the reason why we fought so hard in this world. So today, I want to share with you, the life goals in my life. I want to tell all my dreams that I hope some day will become true. I dedicate this goals to all people who pursue their dream relentlessly.

The Life Goals We Pursue In Our Lives

1. Perfect Job

Perfect Job

This goal could have different interpretations among all of us. We have our own definition of the perfect job. Some of us define a perfect job where we got a big paycheck each month. And the other define it as a job where we do the thing we love most and getting paid for doing that. Whichever you choose as the perfect job, it’s your preferences. But the most important thing about that is that you do what you like to do in your lives.

2. Build Dream House

Dream House

If we have already got our dream job, then the next thing all of us pursue is the house. We all want to have a nice big house full with all the beautiful furniture inside. This goal also has different interpretations because some of us want to have a big house, and the other prefer a simple small house. It doesn’t matter the size, what matter is that the definition of a dream house in our brain.

3. Married Beautiful Girl

Dream Girl

Perfect job checked, dream house checked, and the next thing to have is a beautiful girl. This one thing may be the hardest goal to achieve. Why? Because it goes straight to our feelings. We can’t just pick a random girl and ask her to let’s get marry, you can’t do that. There’s a lot of paths to carve to gain someone’s, heart. But when you already got one, maintain it and treats her as the queen of your world.

4. Pile Up Your Wealth


Keep working hard even when you are already successful is the key to keeping thriving in this life. Never grow tired looking for some gold in this world. The wealth that you piling up now could be useful for your future with your family.

5. Have Children

Have Children

When everything has been achieved the next obligations that we as human must do is to have children. A child can really make your life turned upside down, but it will be worth in time. Why? Because children are the only reason why you’re doing all the work in your life isn’t it? I myself wants my child to be the heir of my throne. That’s what we all want in our lives.

6. Enjoying Your Golden Age

Golden Age

If you are on your way towards elderly age, all you have to do is enjoy it, live it, because it’s inevitable. You can’t turn back time to stay young and healthy. All you can do at this age is enjoy it with the one you love and the family you raise. This is the most beautiful time in our lives where we’ll see all our hard work effort paid out or not.

So, that’s all the life goals that I think is everyone’s goals in life. All we have to do achieve all that things with hard work dedication. Never give up in life as it may drag you down. That’s all I want to share today guys, I hope it can motivate you to keep on the fire in your spirit.


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