Quit Smoking, The Best Tips For You Heavy Smokers!

Quit Smoking

Smoking, it is something done on almost every kind of people in every part of the world. I myself not a smoker, but a lot of my friends are quite heavy smokers. I’ve been tried to give some advice to them about quit smoking buy they replied to me that it is an impossible thing to do. They have been smoking for too long that they think that they need more smoke rather than fresh air.

But hey, there’s no such thing as impossible. If you really have the intention to stop smoking, there are lots of things you can do. And today, I will dedicate this article to all smokers out there who really want to stop this bad habit. I want to share with you all the things you can do to make you don’t do smoke anymore. Let’s check it out below.

Tips To Quit Smoking For Good

1. Do Sports

Do Sports

The first advice to kill off your smoking habit would be doing some sports that involve energy like running or swimming for example. If you are a smoker and doing the sports that I have mentioned before, you will start to realize that your body will feel the impact. If you are seldom do sports, your body will be easily exhausted and by that, hopefully, that you will think twice before touching cigarettes again.

We all know that smoking has bad effects on our lungs capability. Cigarettes can damage the lungs so whenever you run, you will easily to exhausted because you can’t breathe normally. That is the impact of smoking on your body.

2. Make Yourself Busy

Make Yourself Busy

A diversion is sometimes proved to be useful to reducing or even eradicate bad habits in our lives. By making yourself busy all day, you will forget to smoke day by day. Well, maybe it’s not instantly forgotten, but as the time goes by, you will reduce the amount of smoking in each day. The reduced amount will eventually give you the benefit. You will forget to smoke and will never smoke again.

3. Vaping


If you are heavy smokers that can’t really quit smoking, maybe the last resort you can try is to change smoke into something else. And by something else I mean try vaping. Vaping is something that is phenomenal in today’s world. Many health sites suggesting to turn from smoking to vaping. The reason for that suggestions is basically because of a health matter. Cigarettes as we all know, containing nicotine and tar. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and tar is a substance which usually used in creating asphalt for the road. Tar, is something that makes cigarette is really bad for your health. A cigar needs combustion to be consumed and that combustion resulting in an ash which is a danger for our body.

On the other hand, vaping is an e-cigarette, which means it is used electricity to be used. They used a battery to heathen up the vaping liquid. And when the liquid is heathen up, it vapors and inhaled by the ‘Vapers’. From the process, we can see that vaping doesn’t require a combustion and doesn’t resulting and ash in the end of the process. So that means, vaping is less danger than smoking, and it is the best way for you who want to quit smoking but feel that it’s an impossible thing to do. Change your habit from smoking to vaping and you’ll see the difference is big enough to see.


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