Overwatch Beginners’ Guide | Tutorial Guidance To Know The Game


The critically acclaimed fast-paced action game from Blizzard is already releasing for a couple of years ago and it’s called Overwatch. Have you played the game? Or do you plan to get one soon? Well, before you purchase, I advise you find guidance about the game first. And you’re lucky because today I will tell everything you need regarding Overwatch Beginners’ Guide.

Before you make the purchase, there are some options you can take. Overwatch offer you 3 choices, the Standard edition, Origin edition, and Collectors edition. All three edition contained different content from one another. And that’s what we’re talking about. So, without any longer, let’s learn about the game.

Overwatch Beginners’ Guide, All Things You Need To Know About The Game

Overwatch Gameplay

1. The 3 Different Edition

Like I have said before, this game offers a different edition for a different price. The Standard edition only contains the base game and nothing more, with the price of 30 dollars more or less. The Origin edition will cost you 40 dollars. Within it, you will get the base game and some additional content like skins for the heroes and other bonus content for different Blizzard game with the theme of Overwatch. And the Collectors edition is the 60 dollars one. In this edition you get the base game, the content from Origin edition plus other knick knacks like the action figures of the heroes in Overwatch.

2. It’s Multiplayer Game Only

If you’re looking for a campaign mode or single-player story, you won’t get that luck in this game. Blizzard has told that Overwatch is a multiplayer online game only and won’t have story mode forever. So you need to keep in mind that you will spend 60 dollars on a game that has no single player campaign.

3. MOBA Gameplay

This game may play like an FPS game, but the core gameplay is MOBA, you will face to face with other players to achieve the goal in the match. And you can apply skills towards your enemies. A good teamwork is pretty much Important to gain victory in the match because you can’t go full Rambo alone in this game, your enemies will cope you easily if you do that.

4. The Heroes

Every character in Overwatch has their own unique skills or abilities. And each ability can prove to be useful if you combine one another in a solid teamwork.

5. The System Requirements

Overwatch is a game that you can play with your five years old computer. This game can look so gorgeous with the recent gaming rig system or you can set it all low in your low spec system.

So there, all the five Important things you need to know before you purchase the game. The game is considered to be an expensive game for 60 bucks. Although that you can choose the standard edition which is cheaper, but no one can resist the bonus in the Collectors edition. But hey, maybe you can get lucky by finding free Overwatch Official Download out there on the internet. Who knows right?


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