Korean Movie Songs

Korean Movie Songs

Hi, there welcome back to our website again. Today I want to share you a little of my Korean Movie Songs. We all know that Korean songs have been popular lately, and today I want to share my opinion about all of this songs.

Let’s start our Korean Ost Songs List here but remember this is according to my opinion. If you have any suggestion you can tell it to me in the comment box and I promise I will write another list.

 Afternight Project: For You

This is an Original Sound Track (OST) for High School Love On Korean movie. The part of this song when translated to English really touching my heart when I hear this song for the first time. The lyric said *You’re looking at me, and you’re smiling. I can’t breathe. Just one look from you is so overwhelming for me. *

Yoon Mi Rae: I Will Listen To What You Have To Say

This is one of my favorite Korean OST in Who Are You: School 2015 Movie. This song really has deep meaning and touching lyrics. I even almost cry every time hear this song. This is the most touching lyric in that song.

Even when you feel lonely or sad, don’t cry
I’ll wordlessly hug you, I’ll listen to you
Look back, I’ll be here
I’ll wipe away all your tears
Even all your loneliness


Younha: Pray

This is one of Who Are You: School 2015 Original Sound Track in that movie. If you listen and translate this song to English you will find the true meaning of love that this song tries to tell you in one of this song lyric.

When you are lost
I will shine a light

When your heart shakes because of the wind
I will hold your hand

I am praying for you
Praying that you will be protected

SS501: Because I’m Stupid

This song telling you about the worst part of loving someone and didn’t have enough courage to tell them about your feeling. Prepare yourself to cry when hearing this song. Here’s some lyric that shows pain about loving someone

I’m thinking about you so much everyday
my heart is hurting in all these sad days
‘I want to see you’ is playing on my lips
alone once again, crying for you
alone once again, missing for you
Baby, i’m waiting for you, I love you

Dream High Feat. Wooyoung, Soohyun, Suzy & Joo: Dream High

This song telling about six persons who have a dream to become a singer but always find an obstacle in their way. This song will give you spirit to chase your dream and never give up to follow your dream.

I dream high, I’m dreaming so high
When it get’s tough I ‘m closing my eyes
Thinking all the memories now I can see
This ain’t no fantasy, it’s reality
I can fly high, I know it someday
I can soar high like clouds in the sky
I will spread my wings and fly above
Like no one else can be, higher than me before

This is all the good Korean Movie Songs I know and I can give to you. I hope you enjoy this movie song list and I hope all of you can enjoy it.



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