How To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse | The Tips For Survivability

Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse

We have seen zombie many times in movies. It’s a creature made because of virus experiment went wrong. Zombie loves to eat you and your brain alive! But, if you are gamers, a zombie apocalypse is something that probably we are long waiting for. Are you ready if such thing happens in today’s world? If so, have you prepare for zombie apocalypse? Take a look at all my tips below to make you ready for the age of Z.

4 Things To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse

1. Imperishable Food and Water

Imperishable Food

When the zombie outbreak destroys the city, the rest of survivors will loot all that’s left in the supermarket. Food and water are very crucial for your survival, aside from fighting all the zombies. Having an imperishable food is good because that kind of food can stay for a long time. The best thing you can do when all the chaos happens, loot supermarket for some food and water supply.

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

You may think a first aid kit won’t do much good when you have been bitten by those walkers. But, did you think that you can still get some wound maybe because of tripping when you’re running or hurt yourself when you fight other survivors for supplies? When such wound happens, you can still rely on common first aid kit to stop your bleeding and preventing infection in your wound. So, don’t ever think for one second that the aid kit is not important.

3. Lots of Weapons

Lots of Weapons

In a zombie apocalypse, there’s no such thing as enough weapons. You won’t be enough with weapons! This is the fact, you will need all the tools you got to fight the zombies or other survivors who want to rob you of your supplies. In the movie, you may see that the hero only carry a few guns when they clearly see all the hundreds of guns. In reality, two guns will never enough to fight the horde of zombies. So, if you find a locker full of firearms any other weaponry, take them all with your bag or at least have some friends to carry it all out. This gives me inspiration for the next preparation below.

4. Trustworthy Friends

Trustworthy Friend

In a brutal zombie apocalyptic world, trust me, you will need all the help you can get. If you’re lucky, you can survive together with your besties. Surviving with friends will increase your survivability. But one thing you need to know clearly is that you need a trustworthy friend. Find someone you can really trust and rely. A good cooperation with others is the key to survive. One friend lying to you, it could mean instant death.

So, all those are the things you can prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Such catastrophic event may not be happening at all. But it’s good to prepare am I right? And also, a talk about zombies is also a good topic to keep up. Zombie apocalypse may never happen in this world. But still, all the preparation I have said above can be useful in any disaster even. That’s all from me today, see you next time for interesting information.


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