How To Avoid Computer Hacking | Tips To Avoid Malicious Virus

Computer Hacking

In recent few days ago, we were shocked by a cyber attack of ransomware. The ransomware which called ‘Wannacry’ is a virus which can lock you from all the data on your desktop PC or laptop. That shocking news is reminding us that no matter how to secure our device protection, it still can be exploited by hackers. The question today is, how can we avoid this computer hacking in the future? That is what I want to share with you today.

When ‘Wannacry’ hit the world a couple of days ago, we were shocked that how our gadget can still get hacked by some evil people. The virus most affecting the health care world. There are lots of hospital in the UK has been hacked by this ransomware attack and the result is catastrophic in numbers of the hospital. Let’s asked the basic question about what happened a couple of days ago. It the ransomware can be avoided? If so, how? Let’s find out the way below.

How To Avoid Computer Hacking

1. Do Not Open Spam Email

Do Not Open Spam Email

We all have that experience when we received a lot of emails containing annoying product offers or porn advertisement. They are all categorized as a spam. And our email system has evolved to separate them into a different folder from the inbox. It is separated for a good reason though, to avoid you getting unwanted virus infecting your computer.

A computer virus can be spread out from one email to another. When someone opens a spam email or even open the attachment inside, their computer can instantly infect with a virus. The worst case is that your computer infected with the ransomware. There are two ways to deal with ransomware virus besides paying the ransom, you can try to contact the experts or re-install your Windows system. But, one way to prevent it is to not open a spam email.

2. Downloading File

Download Files

This is something we love to do. It’s almost every day we download a file to our computer. Whether it’s a business matter or personal matter we always download a file every day. But if you have to do it, then you need to heed the warning before you download it. A file which you download could be infected with a virus that can damage your PC. Choose your trusted site when you have to download something important.

3. Dangerous Sites

Dangerous Sites

Thankfully, Google can now warn us before we ever entered a site. If the site could potentially compromising our PC, Google will tell that the site is dangerous and containing suspicious contents inside. When you see this warning, the best is that you avoid it and move on to another safer sites. If you don’t heed this warning, you will be taking the risk of your computer getting infected with many kinds of viruses like adware, spyware, malware, and ransomware. So, the best recommendation is that you do not enter the site.

4. Update Your Windows System

WIndows Update

Microsoft is working gradually to release the best system security for our dear computer. If your PC asking you to update your Windows, run it and don’t ignore it. The Windows update may have a higher chance for your PC to have more defensive measures to virus attack.


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