Hitler’s Best War Machines on World War Two

Hitler's Best War Machines

If there’s one thing great thing from the Nazi empire it’s their ability to create amazing war machines. For those people who take part and witness the second world war, the Hitler’s Nazi is very advance in term of their tools of war. Today, I want to share with you all some of the best Hitler’s war machines as the reminder of how great the Nazi is but also how cruel they are for making such deadly machines.

Six Great Hitler’s War Tools

1. Stealth Bomber

Stealth Plane

If you think that the year of 1945 is too early for the invention of stealth bomber plane, you’re definitely wrong. Hitler’s ambition to dominate the world drive him to create the very first stealth bomber plane. This is a magnificent milestone of war machinery, although there’s no record that a stealth bomber ever used in the WW2.

2. V2 Rocket

V2 Rocket

The Nazi really advance in almost anything in terms of war. They are the first people who create the first long range rocket-powered missile. They manage to make the prototype of it but once again, it was never been used in the real war.

3. Jets


While other countries still use blades in their airplane, Hitler’s army had already used turbine engine plane. The result was very devastating to the ally forces. Their planes were outmatched from any aspects. The Nazi jets were faster and better to annihilate other airplanes.

4. Tiger Tank

Tiger Tank

In world war 2, the ally forces were really outmatched in the technology of the war machines from the Nazi. Especially in tanks war, the American tank armies were overwhelmed by the might of Tiger tank. A tank armed with 88 cannon and thick armors, making Tiger tank is nearly indestructible and unbeatable in the history of WW2 tank war.

5. The Maus Tank

Maus Tank

As Tiger tank isn’t enough, Hitler had become more ambitious to create the super mega tank that can spread fear to the enemies. To make his ambition becomes real, Hitler call Ferdinand Porsche to create a mega tank called the Maus. It was a tank that four times bigger than the Tiger.

6. Schwerer Gustav

Schwerer Gustav

If there’s anything that can strike fear to the ally forces, it’s the Schwerer Gustav. It’s a railway gun developed in the 1930s by Krupp. It’s an amazing artillery weigh up to 1350 tonnes and 47 meters long. This weapon is a railway gun because the operation of this gigantic weapon is only on its specialized railway. It took thousands of men to have this deadly artillery ready to fire. Throughout the war, this weapon only used once in Sevastopol and it broke after firing 40 times of huge ammunition.

So there, some of the best Hitler’s tools of war. When it comes to weaponry, the Reich can’t be underestimated. It might seem that the Nazi is the side that supposed to win the war, but, because of their own arrogance, they lost the war. They are the people who boldly create all the horrifying war machines to fulfill Hitler’s desire for total world domination.


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