Fun Things To Do In The Weekend | Simple Activities Suggestions For You

Fun Things To Do In The Weekend

Students or workers around the world are struggling the whole week just to make it to the weekend. But when the holiday comes, we sometimes don’t know what we want to do to spend the rest of the day off. Well, if you’re confused about what you’re gonna do on the weekend, let me give you some advice about fun things to do in the weekend. To see all my tips, check them all out below.

10 Fun Things To Do In The Weekend

1. Jogging


If it’s the weekend then it could be the great time for you to start work out a little bit. Do jogging in the Saturday morning and you can have your mind refreshed. Would not only it’s fun, but it also has a good benefit for you ain’t it? So, don’t get too lazy and start running to burn those calories inside.

2. Photography


If you have a camera, then go outside hunt some photographs with your camera. Morning and sunset will be the perfect time to have the hunting because the light is in perfect level.

3. Practice Shooting

Practice Shooting

If you’re into airsoft gun hobby, then you could practice your shooting in some field. Or, better yet, you can join with a group of the same airsoft gun hobby. With more people, this activity will be great to do over the weekend.

4. Play Games

Play Games

Call your friends to your home and play some games together. It’s a great way to spend your whole weekend. Play video games or board games. I probably recommend you the board games more because it allows you to have more fun interaction with your friends.

5. Eat Like a King

Eat Like a King

If you’re only good at eating, you can spend the rest of your weekend ordering foods and eat like a king.

6. Watch Sunset

Watching Sunset

Go to the beach, invite your friends or family and have a sightseeing of the beautiful sunset. Enjoying quality time with the people you love is a good way to end your weekend.

7. Road Trip

Road Trip

Having a road trip by your motorcycle with some of your friends is the best way to spend a holiday. You can have a nice road trip and see all the beautiful view along the road. Have a plan on where you will go on your road trip so you are not getting lost and have a planned road trip.

8. Picnic


Go to the park, pack up some picnic supply and have a nice family or friends picnic at the park. Spending time for chit-chat and eating meal outside is a great way for spending a holiday, isn’t it?

9. Visit Zoo

Visit Zoo

Nothing more relaxing than watching some animals behave cutely in a zoo. Visiting the zoo for holiday is great because it’s inexpensive and you can also have the experience seeing various creatures you rarely see.

10. Just Laying Around

Laying Around

When you don’t have any plan for the weekend and all you can do is just lying around in your bed, watching movies, go to sleep, wake up, and do that all over again. For some people, this is the best choice to spend weekend because it doesn’t need a lot of money and effort. This is probably for the laziest person ever lol.

So, those are all the plans you can choose to spend your day off. All of the recommendation that I gave is quite inexpensive and affordable. The most important is that you do whatever the things that make you happy.


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