Friday The 13th Review | Jason Voorhees Is Back And He Is Ruthless

Friday The 13th Review

Ch ch ch..ah ah ah… That is the infamous sound when Jason is close to you and ready to snap you into two parts. The new Jason Voorhees game is just released this month are you the real fan of Jason? If so, let’s dig everything about the game in this Friday The 13th Review here.

Jason is back, and he brings all his rage and bloodthirst to everyone who camps in the famous Crystal Lake. The game will introduce you to how it feels like to be hunted by the machete-slashing killer. The main line about the F13 game is between the Counselor VS Jason Voorhees. There a lot of things either as Jason or the counselor and in this review, I will tell all about that so prepare your guts.

Friday The 13th Review | It’s Jason VS You

Friday The 13th Gameplay

The Gameplay

The objective of this game is quite simple, it’s surviving. There are multiple ways for the survivors to survive the massacre of Jason. But before I explain how to survive, you need to know the basic thing about the game. It’s 8 VS 1, yes that’s right. Eight players will play as the counselor and one random player will be the Jason. It’s a random thing so you can or can’t be the killer.

If you are the killer, you must hunt down all the survivors before the time runs out. In this game, Jason can do a variety of skills to kill his victims. He has the ability to teleport, hear where the victims are, and smash through doors. I know this seems to be overpowered, but fortunately, the ability has a cooldown timer so it will give the time for the victims to run away.

As the counselor, you can do more than just waiting around to be murdered by Jason. In fact, if you coordinating with other survivors you can kill the big guy. With the right teamwork tactics, you can take him down and win the matches. If you can’t take him down, you can either escape or wait until the timers run out. There are few ways to escape, whether it is by cars, boats, or calling the cops. But before you can do such things, there are few preparations need to be done, and in that process, Jason will try stop you.

The Graphics

For the graphical matter, Friday The 13th may not has the best graphics, but it still brings the nice graphical visual. The atmosphere and the setting of the game really reflecting what a horror game should have.

For First Timer, Jason May Seem To Be Overpowered

If you play for the first time and constantly getting killed by Jason, you might think that the killer is really got an overpowered ability. With the teleporting, and see-through vision, Jason seems to be unstoppable. But that notion is nothing but a wrong perception. If you play the game with a coordinated strategy, having other survivors cooperate with you, you can easily kill Jason Voorhees. There are few traps you can setup to slow him down and mug him altogether and with all the damage, his mask will fall off, then you can kill him easily.

So, don’t mind all the review on Steam saying that the game is unbalanced or Jason is overpowered. All such review probably was done by amateurs who don’t even know how the game can be played.


With the price tags of $39.99 on Steam, may be some of you say that this game is still too expensive. May be you’re right if this is an overpriced game, but for the true horror games fans and the real fans of Jason Voorhees, that much price won’t be matter. With 39 bucks, you can get the experience of being the giant machete-wielding killer!


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