Freshwater Aquarium Tips, Friendly Advice For Beginners

Freshwater Aquarium Tips

For me, just sitting around in front of my aquarium is my favorite activity. Looking at fishes that swimming around and round are very relaxing. Having fish in the aquarium as a pet is a good choice for me. If you want to start the same hobby as mine here, there is something you should know about. Today I want to share with some freshwater aquarium tips for you who want to start a fish hobby.

Nobody said that a freshwater aquarium is easy to handle but also no one said that it will be hard. In my opinion, if you really want to start this kind of hobby, you will tackle every problem with ease. But, I know, when I start this hobby, I had struggle too with all the related stuff. That is why the internet is the best place to look for some tips for having an aquarium. See all the list below to know all the basics of aquarium universe.

6 Basics Freshwater Aquarium Tips Before You Start

1. The Tank

When you choose to start this aquarium fish hobby, first of all, you need to plan which kind of tank that you want. There are lots of kind of aquarium tank with different sizes on each of them. For new comers, I suggest you start with a small tank like in the picture below.

Small Tank

That is a good choice for beginners who want to start aquarium hobby. The reason for the small sized tank is that it will be easier to maintain. It’s easier to maintain and it’s light enough so you can move it around and place them wherever you pleased.

Or maybe, if you want bigger size than that, you can try the tank like in the picture below.

Aquarium Tank

The tank above is also another good choice for starters. It’s larger than the previous tank so that means it will be much heavier and you can’t easily move it around.

2. The Substrate

Picking the right substrate for your tank is need to be carefully thought. Why? Because it will determine how hard the maintenance will be. There are two kinds of substrates you can choose, sand and gravel. If you prefer sand because it looks more natural that’s okay. But, one thing to have in mind is that sand will be a lot harder to maintain. The other substrate is the gravel. It’s consist of quite large rocks, and some available in various colors if you want to choose that. I said that for beginners, you should choose gravel because it’s easy to clean up. Or, you can go without any substrates for your tank at all. But, if you don’t use any kind of substrates, your tank floor will be full of fish waste in the long term.

I myself prefer gravel than sand because using sands is too messy for me. The picture below is the gravel that I choose.

It may look like sands, but it’s a gravel that consists of small rocks. I prefer that because it’s easy enough to clean and it didn’t create too much cloud in the tank.

3. The Decorations

Now here comes the part I love. Decorating your freshwater aquarium is something that you can choose what ever you want. Decorating is comes from your own thoughts, I won’t give too much advice here because each people have their own style in mind. What I want to advise you here is that you choose only a clean decoration. For beginners, don’t choose anything difficult if you think you can’t maintain it. See my decorations below.


See that, I only use a couple of rocks and a piece of wood. I choose them so it can create a natural look in my tank. Before you put every kind of decorations, make sure you absolutely clean them up from any dirt and other materials that can produce harm to your aquarium.

4. The Equipment

Another thing to have in mind before completing your tank is the equipment. An equipment like a filter and air pump is a must have in your freshwater tank. See the image below.


Equipment 2
I use a small hanging filter to keep recycling the water and an air pump to give air bubbles to provide oxygen in the water for fishes. If you’re too lazy to do water changes, then a good filter is something you must have. The filter will keep recycling your tank water and make sure it will stay clean 24/7. And an air pump is also important because, inside the water, fish do need oxygen if they don’t get enough they can suffocate and die.

5. The Fishes

Now, we have come to the best part, adding fishes to your tank. Adding fishes is also something that you must think carefully. Don’t just add fishes in your tank because you love their colors. Every kind of fishes has their own treatment. There are some fish with easy treatment and there are some with difficult treatment.


For beginners, I suggest that you choose fishes like Guppy, Tiger Barb, and marble fish. That kind of fishes is quite easy to take care of. One thing that is very important is that be careful of aggressive fish in your tank. If you spot one of your fish is behaving aggressively, you must quickly remove it and place it in a different tank if you have one.

6. Maintenance

Now, the last thing for my freshwater aquarium tips is the maintenance. I believe that every kind of pet requires a maintenance. Fishes in the aquarium do need to be maintained. If you have the time, clean the glass of your tank once in three days. If you don’t have time, you can do it once in a week. The second thing is water changes. Do 20-30 percent water changes every once a week to keep your water clean and also to keep your filter don’t work too hard. And the last maintenance would be cleaning up your entire tank once every three months if you don’t have time. Cleaning up your whole tank is very important to make sure it stays clean and no algae around the glass.


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