Fallout 4 Review | All The Crazy Aspects About The Game Is Analyzed Here

Fallout 4 Review

War, war never changes. That is the most beautiful quotes that game could ever deliver. War is hell, and we all know that too well. Are you familiar with a game where you must survive in a world full of violence, monsters, and radiation? The answer of that game is Fallout. Yes, it’s a game about how bad is a war for humanity. Especially nuclear war, it will bring more death and destruction rather than good deeds. Today, we will talk about Fallout 4 review. Together we will analyze all the things regarding with the game.

There are lots of aspects that we could see from this game. Like how the human will survive in a world that has been ravaged and radiated by nuclear conflict. Let’s see all the aspects below.

Death and Destruction | Fallout 4 Review

1. The Human Survivability

The Vault

When we start the game, we play as ordinary husband and wife in an ordinary house with one son to raise. At the beginning, it seems nothing wrong. But then, everything changes when you heard the siren echoing from outside your house. When you heard this, your objective is to run to the Vault and the seconds when you are about to enter the Vault, you’ll see the big explosive because of the nuclear bomb. In the Vault, all the people that survive will have to live inside and they will be frozen in a cryo tube.

2. The Living Creatures

Fallout 4 Creatures

Since this game is all about the world destroyed by nuclear war, the radiation effect has also brought its devastating affection to the living creatures. The cockroaches have been evolved into a Radroach Fallout 4. And flies also has been evolved into a bloatfly, an insect with the stinging attack. But the worst is the Deathclaw, a lizard-like creature with a huge claw at its hand that can kill a player in a single blow.

3. The Weapons

Fallout 4 Weapons

Even that the world is already destroyed by nuclear war. But still, the human survivor creating a weapon to kill each other over food and territory. There are several deadly weapons in Fallout 4, and the deadliest weapons are the Fat Man. It’s a portable nuclear launcher that can launch a small nuke bomb to the target and disintegrates it into a pile of ash.

4. The Fashion

Fallout 4 Outfits

This is a game about the end of the world, so, expect yourself to see some Mad Max-like in terms of the fashion style. Every NPC in the game wore crazy outfits and armors. On the other hand, you too can also put on the craziest outfit and armors you could ever find. The best is that you can find a robot suit that you can enter and control which armed to the teeth.

So, those three are the small example of the aspects of the game. If you want to get those experiences on your own, you can buy the game or you can get Fallout 4 Official Download that you can get on some free website on the internet. But remember, war is hell.


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