Dragonvale Breeding guide || Choose the Best Dragon by Breeding!


How is your progress in this game? Is it run smoothly or you need a help? For you who looking a method to obtain the best dragon, we will tell you right away. The are two ways, the first one is through gems (Buy powerful Dragon in the shop) and the last one through breeding. We are sure you do not have enough currency left to buy it. That is why we created Dragonvale Breeding guide to help you right away.

Breeding Guide

Here we will show you the best dragon through breeding and the method to do it.

dragonvale bredding process

Air Elements Dragon

The main material is Air Dragon. You can combine this one with Plant, Water, Cold, and Lightning Dragon. It will produce an Element Dragon depend on the breeding material. This is quite a powerful Dragon if you encounter the enemy with elemental weaknesses. You can also sell this one for 1.000.000 Dragon Cash which is really awesome.

Iron Dragon

dragonvale iron dragon

The only Dragon which has metal elements in it. The main material is Magnetic Dragon and for the rest is up to you. This one is really powerful especially its defense. If you looking for a good defender, this one can satisfy you. The passive skill of this Dragon can also increase all your party EXP. So, it will increase their level quickly.

Leap Year Dragon

You need a rare Rainbow Dragon to get this one. You already know how powerful Rainbow Dragon. So, you do not need to doubt Leap Year Dragon strength. This is the balance Dragon which fit in any situation. Consider adding this one to your team even though the material to obtain this Dragon is not easy to get.

Air Dragon

We do not need to tell how easy to get this one. But, if you breed Air Dragon with Fire Dragon it will give birth a powerful Air Dragon. Although it has the same look, the power difference is like day and night. If you do not have any good attacker, probably this one can fill in the job. We do not know why it seems breed with Fire Dragon is the only way to get this awesome creature.


After you see our guide, you already know which one is the best Dragon for you. For you who do not have enough gems, finally, we found a way out which can help you. Visit this awesome website to obtain Dragonvale free gems. If you still have many unanswered questions, you can write down the problem in the comment section below. We will give you the complete answer which you seek.


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