Dinos Online Game Review, What a Wonderful Game!

dinos online

Do you love to play a game on your smartphone? We have a suggested game which adorable to play. It is Dinos Online where I really enjoy playing it. Here, I give you an honest review about this game “why you have to try this game”. Not only that one but also some advantages and disadvantages.

Until this day, I really enjoy playing Dinos Online, it is because the gameplay is absolutely great where we will be a dino then we need to hunt a prey in order to grow ours. If you are strong enough you can hunt a bigger prey than yours but if you are weak, you would be a prey. Furthermore, we can do war with others which from different species. You can call your friends in the same species to attack a region then kill other dinos there.

Why have you to try this game? I can’t talk too much about it but as I stated before. This game is the best one if you love playing an adventure game. Indeed, the graphic is not really great because this is a smartphone game so it needs to suit all phone specification. Having an epic graphic probably has a bad result since a few people only who can play this game.

dinos online game review

Alright, this is my turn to describe the advantage and the disadvantage. I really wish that you can compare this game with others which in the same concept. Don’t forget to leave a comment after reading it.

Dinos Online Game Advantages

  1. Impressive gameplay: Unlike the other game, this one is really impressive because you can meet the other player then form your own tribe, hunt a prey together and so on.
  2. Various map: There are about 11 pieces of maps that you can visit, 4 maps are served as a homeland for each species.
  3. Various dino: Over 30 species you can meet in this game, 4 as the main character and the rest as the AI.
  4. War concept: You can fight the other dinos on your homeland then you can also conquer theirs
  5. Growth concept: Leveling and upgrading your attack, defend, speed, and health will also increase your growth. The biggest dinosaur means the strongest one.
  6. Pet system: You can have your own pet to fight together with you.

Dinos Online Game Disadvantages

  1. Rough graphic: The graphic is not really smooth but as this is a smartphone game so it is okay.
  2. Bad collision: You can bite a dino without hitting their body. The funny thing, it has same damage whenever you hit their head or their tail.
  3. Hacking system: Almost every player here use Dinos Online hack by having flash speed and one-hit down.
  4. Game style: This game style is monotone because you can only do one movement.

That is all my Dinos Online game review that I can tell you. Overall, it still the best one for me because there is no great game in smartphone nowadays. However, the worst thing that I want to leave this game because of its hacker. They monopolize this game and kill every dino they see. How shame they are!


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